Monday, September 16, 2013


So many amazing things happened these past couple of weeks, G's birthday, my parent's anniversary (Friday 13, priceless!), I adopted a kitten, spent countless hours in the workshop, enjoyed the sunshine, finished custom orders, listened to the rain, ate great food, baked delicious sugary goodness...oh the list is just endless.

Here are some of these wonderful moments, documented.

Mazsola, my adorable kitten, arrived into my life on 1 September. Cute and tiny, he has the sharpest little teeth and an infinite mood for fun. Dearest little creature, I am so lucky to have you!

 M, helping me pack orders.

Gaspar's home made birthday cake. Rum, chestnut and whipped cream.

 This is pretty much how I've been working lately. I had to reinterpret my life and working hours just a little bit.

After some challenging weeks -health wise-, the empty shelves are rapidly filling up with fine lined ceramics. Hallelujah! 

Peach galore for my parent's 27th wedding anniversary. 

A mix and match set of 6 necklaces is off to the U.S. to be given as gifts for wonderful bridesmaids. I love tasteful weddings!

Hope your autumn had such an amazing start as mine...

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  1. aww the little one in your lap while you're working on a ceramics cat :) such a sweet picture!

  2. lovely photos and really lovely moments well spent!


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