Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I decided to really do it like a pro this year and start to prepare for Christmas ahead of time. I am a last minute kind of girl with most things. I don't know why though, because I hate the rush that consumes me during those crazy times... So it's decided! None of that this year!

Well, frankly, I haven't reeeeeeally started working on the Christmas stock just yet, I just made a couple of ornaments to test out some new glazes I just mixed. I've also designed some gorgeous new Christmas bells I'm really excited about... So I am at the testing phase at the moment, but that can still be labeled as me preparing, right? :)


Ps. I feel so grateful, being able to do what I do, and having been blessed with these special moments of pure joy...oh my! The sun has lit up the studio so heavenly today. That feeling when you know you are in the right place at the right time is absolutely priceless...

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  1. Good luck Erika, with all the Christmas preparation! You're doing a great job and i can't wait to see all that beautiful and delicate ornaments. I enjoy reading all your blog posts. They give me such a great desire to create and be creative. :) That's why, i want to thank you for sharing all your beautiful work and joy with us.


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