Saturday, October 5, 2013

Loaded kiln

Green-ware has dried and was gently cleaned up for firing. Then each piece was carefully dipped into glaze, a number of different kinds, that is. I just cannot wait to open up the door of the kiln on Monday morning. I am so excited about this batch! 

I love having a job where I long for Monday mornings...
Wishing you a beautiful autumn Sunday! October is such a beautiful month, I love the sky and the leaves. Everything changes in such a graceful, yet beautifully predictable manner...



  1. Hi Erika! I hope you are fine. It's absolutely beautiful what you are making, so much inspiration. Thank you. I just wonder...when I try to do pottery on a turntable, I feel that no matter how I try new positions I'm very stiff and worry that it will be bad in the long you manage to work on a turntable without your body hurting? Do you have any tip?

    I think I will start a webpage if I get going with my ceramics, then I can show also what I do. I love painting on clay as if it was aquarell :) I hope you are doing well, I send you some autumn colours and warmth!

    Love, Johanna

  2. Oh, what beauties! I'm looking forward to see them in the shop (I already spotted Christmas gifts!).
    It's such a joy to read about your work and I'm really happy that you are back in your atelier :D



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