Thursday, October 17, 2013

walking with Nora

Fist thing most of us do in the morning is to get out of  bed and walk to the bathroom, step into the shower and stand there in perfect balance on both our feet. Then we might walk to the kitchen, step over to the counter and then maybe raise up to the tip of our toes to be able to reach the coffee on the top shelf... Then, say, we don't have a car so we have to take the bus to work. But those things are never on schedule (unless you live in Germany) so when you get to pass the corner of the street you live in , you realize that the bus is 100 meters from the bus station and you are still 300 meters away, so you hold on to your hat and start running as fast as you can.

Oh how we take the most basic abilities for granted without even realizing...

Today, I will share the story of a little girl. I don't often share similar stories, unless I am sure of their truthful existence. But this time, I am not only sure of it, but she is family!

Nora is a wonderful curly haired 3-year-old little girl. She was born with a sever medical condition (called  spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy), which inhibits her motor development. In other words, she is a wise and smiley little girl, she is caring and loving, yet she is unable to walk. And she will remain that way...unless she receives the proper treatment and -very soon- surgery.

Her parents were and are struggling to find different specialists to help her in any way possible, but even the mildest stretches cause her unimaginable pain, so daily physical therapy is plain torture for this little girl.
Andi, her mother, has recently found out (through social media, go figure!) about other children suffering from the same disability. But what was an even more miraculous discovery to Andi, was that there is a cure! No shenanigan! We are talking surgery here! And there is only one hospital in the whole wide world, ONE, that performs these types of surgeries, provided that the patient fully qualifies. One hospital. And for this family this tiny grain of hope, which fills their heart with excitement, means everything. Nora could walk, because after having reviewed her medical record, they accepted the families aplications! There might be a way for her to walk...

The surgical procedure would be performed in the Center for Cerebral Palsy Spasticity at St. Louis Children's Hospital in the USA. And it costs $60.000!!! Now you have to understand that this little girl was born and lives in the wonderful lands of Transylvania, Romania. So she has to travel all the way to the States, and her parents have to pay for it all. For an average family household over here such an amount of money is almost unimaginable. The extended family and friends managed to raise $10.000 so far, so what I am asking you to do is, please reflect on this and maybe you will find it in your heart to help them out with even the smallest amount. Imagine if a crowd of ten thousand people contributed with merely $5... It is a large number of people, sure, but that small sum is a very affordable donation... So you might have just a little to offer, but a little is a lot when we all open our hearts toward Nora!

I don't want to drag this post any longer than it already is, so please forgive me for stealing away this much of your time... Allow me to say just one more thing.
A couple of weeks ago, Nora and her mom, Andi, came to my father's workshop to get something. I was there too, as I currently work in one of the corners of his studio workshop. Nora is so cute, we all talked to her and she replied kindly with really wise curiosity in her eyes... My father loves children, he enchants even the shiest child in a matter of seconds, so he turned to Nora and said "Come here you, let me take you to see the furry puppy-monster we have outside" (by "come here" he obviously meant that he will take Nora out in his arms). But she immediately replied with a cling in her voice and honest sparkle in her eyes "I cannot walk!". She wasn't crying, and she wasn't sad at that particular moment. She was bitter. She looked straight into my father's eyes when she said it, like an honest elderly person, who knows a lot about life.

We were all left speechless having heard those very words from Nora's mouth. At that moment I don't think there was anyone under that roof, who had not had tears in their eyes.

Please check out the family's facebook page Walking with Nora and review the letter in which St. Louis Children's Hospital, Missouri has accepted her case. Furthermore, you will also see bank account details if you wish to contribute or contact the parents if you would like more information through the page dedicated to Nora on Facebook,. 
Nora needs you! Please, please, please help her to be able to walk like you and me!


For those of you who speak Hungarian, here is a video about little Nora!

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