Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sun. Love. Ceramics.

After a long, not very conveniently timed, yet absolutely necessary absence from the studio I started anew and jumped right into preparing the holiday stock for my shop. There was so much love going on in my sun-lit little corner that the day just passed in the blink of an eye. And still I got so much done, I had to smile some more...

I have some new designs for the upcoming season that I am overly excited about. Wonderful ornaments and more... It won't be long until you get to see the result of a long and hardworking backstage work. Obviously every single new design needs a prototype onto which the plaster mold is made. And that, my friends, takes time, and attention. And some more time!

Anyhow, time was well spent and you will surely agree with me in a couple of weeks when I will reveal the magic!

In the meantime look at these two getting to know each other. I was holding my breath for it to happen and they finally touched noses, which is always a great sign. I'd love it if they became best buddies... finally my very unsocial M would have a friend.

How is your week coming along? Do you have anything special planned?

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