Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

May your new year bring joy to you, may your faith be strong as to overcome your fears and may you strive in courage to take the risks that may lead you to places you've only dreamed of. If I learned something over the course of 2014 is that in order to enjoy changes in our lives, we must be brave enough to change ourselves first.

Tomorrow is the first day of the next 365. How special is that? Make it count.
I don't mean to advise you to go out party day and night and then when you hopefully have found your way home then pass out.
I mean, use this time to reflect. Don't plan. That is stupid. You and I we both know that you will not keep to those plans one bit. Reflect, and leave 2014 behind. Whatever has happened (and believe me, a lot has happened in my life too...more than I expected to carry) leave it in the past, this is the best time to look forward and leave your hurt soul and your bruised ego in the year that is already gone, and think of what you want 2015 to hold for you. What is it that you wish for? Dare to wish for great things to unfold, but please, be realistic. It is essential that you KNOW what you want for yourself. Stop worrying about how to achieve those wishes, just imagine what you want and imagine how you feel when you have them/ get there.

Live the first day of the New Year, and live, I wish for you to LIVE all through 2015. It is time to feel alive again!

2014 has been a trialing time in my personal life, yet a striving one for Jasmin Blanc Studio. And I have all of you to thank, for making this year so very special in terms of business, art and dreams that came true. Without your support, I could never have come so far... But it doesn't stop here, as I have wonderful dreams yet to achieve, and I truly hope to have you by my side in 2015 too. Lets make this one truly count! As I like to say "If not now, when?"


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Custom order - Lace dishes

I had a special request for a custom set of my Shapeless Femininity line, that Mr. M had to check before packing and shipping could happen. Luckily he is a really careful kitty and no damage has ever been done to my dishes or jewelry. He was adopted by a ceramist for cryin' out loud, he had to grow up to that status... ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect (shapeless femininity)

If I were a writer, I would put my emotions, feelings, beliefs and principles on paper, I would mold all those twisting thoughts in my head into words. But I am not a writer. And my weapon is not a pen and a blank piece of paper. I communicate best through clay. And here are my thoughts on femininity. The story has and ambiguous ending, so I will let you complete it with your own thoughts on what all these pieces communicate to you. And what will still remain will be simply 'beauty', the rest of it, beyond all stories and interpretations will have the sole propose of delighting one's eyes and senses.

I hope you will enjoy my new collection!
Here's to being perfectly imperfect, ladies... here's to being a woman! Celebrate it!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

that autumn cold

I was afraid this space will stay nice and organized for a couple of days. As I am forced to take time to rest and drink hot herbal teas under a warm blanket....

Meanwhile in my living room...

I didn't go to the studio deliberately, so I would stay in bed, drink hot tea, and sleep this cold out. Instead I turned my living room into a studio to drink hot tea, go through the dreaded paperwork and finish off some stud earrings. Oh, the sweetness of being self employed, there's no chance for calling in sick and have someone do the work while you're gone. But I wouldn't have it any other way 

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It was the 1st of September. Late morning.
I was driving to the studio. I was half way there.
There is an apple orchard on the left, an abandoned house and one that is in construction.

I could see a black something in the middle of the road. Couldn't make out what it was at first, a puppy, a kitten or something unknown, perhaps... But whatever it was, it was in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere and drivers tend not to respect speed limits where no one is watching, so I started praying that I would get there before another car comes. I stopped the car. Again in the middle of the road. Jumped out. Took the kitten (because by this point I could see that the little black four legged something was a tiny kitten) and started looking around in search of a sign for where she came from. There was an elderly lady out in the garden of the house in construction, so I asked her if the kitty was hers', but she replied rudely that it wasn't.

Then I went in search for her mommy, but I couldn't find her either.

So I sat back into my car, smiled at my dog and my cat on the back seat, placed the tiny creature on my lap and drove to the studio. I knew at that very moment, that if I had left her there, she would have been run over by the time I headed home from the studio in the evening.

This is Kleopatra's story, the tiny black kitten, who sleeps soundly on my pillow as we speak.

Funny thing is, that I adopted Mazsola on 1 September, 2013. One year ago. And on that very day, a year later, Kleopatra appears. I don't really think we choose them. I would say it is the other way around...

A life is always a life. It is precious, regardless of whom it belongs to. And we should do everything that is our power to keep, preserve or save it...

Dearest fall, welcome!

It has been a while since I actively participated on this space... But there is so much to do, and I am disgracefully unorganized, so I'm having a hard time being on top of my game. But what can I say, I am working on it. In the meantime, I am restlessly working on new exciting projects, diving in full speed into most new ideas and opportunities I get, hoping to make this world prettier one step at a time. So is my garden, one bloom at a time...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marvelous august, hello!

August, oh sweet august! You and I have definitely got something going this year. It might be because we started out on the right foot, or because it was written in the stars... but either way you have been good to me from the start and I am thankful for that.
My single shelf in front of the window was finally set up, and I am absolutely loving it. Roses, succulents, cacti and refreshing lemonades keep me company while I work. I look up and see them smiling back at me. I even have a pot of basil, my current favorite. I can eat it with almost anything...

How is your weekend coming along? Mine is filled with sunshine, work and a secret coffee date with the one I call my sister. She is my person, you know. Happy Sunday!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Sour cherry tart + recipe

I have a new found hobby that people around me greatly appreciate. I bake, make all kinds of sorbets, creams and ice creams, truffles and invent all sorts of cake pops. It gets to me especially around 11 pm. I go out to the kitchen, look for ingredients and invent something from what I have lying around.

For this recipe I used up -what was probably- the last of the sour cherries this season, so next on my list are blueberries and blackberries. And one more thing. I started is using the U.S. way of measuring things, it seems so much easier than taking out our heavy scale every time. So here goes the recipe. It is so simple and you don't even have to turn your oven on.

Sour cherry tart

- 3 cups of fine cookie crumbs
-1/2 cup butter, melted (you may need more depending on the type of cookie you use)
- 1/3 cup sugar (but you may need less, if your cookie is already sweetened)

Pie filling:

- 1 vanilla bean
- 1 cup mascarpone cheese
- 1/3 cup stracciatella yogurt
- 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest
- 2 teaspoons lemon juice
- 1/4 cups granulated sugar

Sour cherry topping
- enough sour cherries to cover the pie (you will have to be the judge of that)
- 1/3 cup granulated sugar
- gelatin (optional)

1. To prepare the pie crust, place all ingredients (cookie crumbs, melted butter, sugar) into a bowl, stir together with a fork until large crumbs appear, then press into a pie dish. Freeze for 15 minutes.

2. Until the pie crust rests in the freezer,  whisk together mascarpone cheese, stracciatella yogurt, lemon juice and zest, then gradually add the sugar. To scrape out the vanilla seeds, cut the pod lengthwise and crape the seeds off of the pod haves with a sharp knife. Add the seeds to the cream filling and whisk well. Refrigerate it for about 10 minutes.

3. You will first need to pit your sour cherries, then place them into a larger bowl and layer them with sugar. Stir occasionally for 30 min. Strain, reserving sour cherries. Add gelatin to the juice and warm it up (be careful not to let it come up to a boil, because that will destroy the gelatin). Let the gelatin+juice cool.

4. Place the mascarpone filling into the cookie crust, then carefully place the sour cherries on top and when the gelatin has cooled down to room temperature pour it over the pie. Put the pie into the refrigerator for the jello to set. And there you have it. It is absolutely delicious, and the making part of it has therapeutically effects, I'm telling you. It is a bit like meditating in the silence of the night with delicious scents filling the air...

Let me know if you decide to try this recipe, I'd love to see photos ;)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two for Thursday

Summer is awfully unusual this year, I still don't have a proper sun tan. Late afternoon thunderstorm has darkened up my beautiful - otherwise light-filled - studio. I became sad, and I had put my brush down. Painting was done for the day.

Look, he has a new toy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Mondays are not that bad when your desk looks like this.

Opening the door of the kiln is always something I anticipate with great enthusiasm. Sometimes the surprise quickly develops into a shock-like state, and I find that right before an event my whole entire load of work (previously ordered and payed for) can be tossed into the garbage because my thermo setter decided to give the firing a little kick of its own. Such things happen rarely, but they do happen at times. Breathing in and then calmly starting all over again is the best way to handle such dreadful situations, that much I have learned over the years. And there are other times, luckily the more frequent ones, when I am dancing my way to and from the kiln and my shelves as I unload my fired and finished work. I love the element of surprise, that tiny little something that makes the results partly unpredictable....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Made it

Flower pots for "selfish" reasons...
I rarely get to make anything for myself and when I realized I didn't have any pots (of my own) to plant my larger succulents in, I knew, this had to change. Red clay is rarely something that I work with, I prefer the lighter colors and finer textures for most of my jewelry-work and everyday objects, but hand-built flower pots, well, they look best in unglazed red. The organic sturdy feel and the uneven lines fit so well with the perfect and systematically beautiful look of my succulents. Such balance suits my taste...

Sometime during the following week, when all of the wares I made yesterday will have dried out completely, I will load them into the kiln and bisque fire them. Then off to plant my lovelies. Cannot wait to show you the final result.

There is something so meditative about hand building... your hands are soaked in thick clay as you perfect the shape of the pots in repetitive moves...Absolutely magical. And this type of clay is amazing to work with, made especially for throwing, so its flexibility is like none other clay's I've worked with so far.

As I was working on these, a thought came to me and it won't leave my mind even days after. I might organize some clay workshops for children... It would be so nice, don't you think? I have held courses a number of times in kindergartens and summer camps, but I have never actually organized one, I was merely guest tutoring. Are there any mothers out there reading this post? What are your thoughts on this? Would children be interested in learning about pottery and digging their little hands into this wonderful "mud"? ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shop update: Earrings

If you don't follow me on Facebook just yet, then you might have been left out of all the fun :) And you probably missed the awesome news about my latest earring shop update too. I need to start learning how to make online lookbooks, it would be so nice to gather new collections in that way and publish it before the actual release of a collection... Something to keep in mind for next time. And until then, here is a little teaser (for more, head over to Jasmin Blanc on Etsy).

Saturday, July 19, 2014

my week in photos

It has been a while since I posted anything on this space. Life hasn't been much on the sunny side lately, so I neglected writing, silence felt better, that's all. But one step at a time, one can get far, and that is my pace right now, which is fine. Time heals and helps. So they say.

Some days I can't even believe we turned our calendars to July, and we summed up half of it already. I haven't even had the chance to get a tan just yet. Something is terribly wrong with that, I'm telling you. Rain, thunderstorms and wet grass, this pretty much sums up this past week and also my mood. But luckily none of that had any kind of negative influence on my work, and I was able to make great progresses in the studio. And so it is only fair that I tease you a little by saying, that I have lots of exciting news to share...soon... But until then here's a glimpse into my moody days.

Friday, May 23, 2014

new studio: walls of leaves & sun-ray ceiling

If I told you I was working today, you probably wouldn't believe me... Glazing day is so much better when the sun is shining and I get to set my table up out in the garden, listen to tiny birds quarreling on top of the locust-tree and dream away.

I never imagined that one day I would really, truly find what I love doing, though I have been searching for it most of my life. And if you had asked me five years ago about the way I saw myself in 5 years time, I would have probably placed myself into an international human rights institute, fighting to change the world for the better. Which is of course a great place to be... for someone, I'm sure. But not me.

Four years ago I have found my way back to my soul. And four years later I have found my way home. And I am home in what I do, and in who I've become. I am home in the way I live my life. And probably for the first time in my life I am home in Transylvania. Not only physically (that would not really be an achievement, I mean, travelling is really made easy nowadays), but emotionally, heart and soul, this is where I belong.

I may have lost my center for a while after having come back from abroad, despite this being what I have wanted. But I gained it back. And I know, that I may be bent in two and at times I may reach great heights, but where I will always find balance is right here, in the very center of my world, doing what I love, being free from the things and the people that weigh me down. Life is too short to be wasted not knowing what we want and not living that dream that makes us smile and gives us the motivation to get up and be awesome... whatever that may be for you.