Friday, January 24, 2014

the studio and the kiln

... snow has covered everything and the weather is getting chillier again (they say it's normal for winter, but what do they know :P ), but at least indoors the kiln is nicely releasing the heat. Glaze firings are the best, as  the kiln is hottest with this type of firing.

On a not-so-very different note I am searching for a smaller kiln for myself. Trying to explore all the possibilities... I have big plans for this year, very big steps for me, that is for sure. Though they might not seem that huge for someone with 20 years of experience behind their shoulders.

To share just a couple of hints: Jasmin Blanc is moving, not just me, but my studio is too this time around. Within the country though, so this seems a little more doable. I am leaving behind the shared studio and hoping to find one that is my own alone, not having to "fight" for who gets to cast on which table and so on. Oh what am saying here? I am going to miss that terribly.
Another key word is porcelain right after the word kiln. The kiln I am planning to own has to be one that can be heated up to cone 10 firing (high fire), so that porcelain can enter the conversation (and my collections) too.
And this leads us to the final keyword, metal. Which I literally need a fortune worth of tools for. So that is why this last one takes a little longer to come about, but I am getting there with cute little baby-steps.

So I might have to entitle this year the time of fabulous changes and serious investments, and the year in which I might have to (yet again) kiss that -long desired- summer holiday goodbye. Oh well.

How do you see this year ahead? Any special resolution you might want to keep to? Or perhaps this may be that year in which you will do that one thing -however small- that you've been putting off for years now?

You know, I think boundaries are there to be pushed a little further every time, so go for it! Whatever lights that spark in your heart, just do it! You know what they say, if it scares you, it's probably a good thing.


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  1. buna,

    A nins un pic si in Bucuresti, ca in desi am avut o iarna usoara, abia astept sa vina primavara:d.
    Bafta in tot ce ti-ai propus pe anul asta. Si eu m-am mutat de 1 an inapoi in tara, au fost multe mutari in ultimii ani, care m-au cam destabilizat asa ca ce-mi doresc de la anul asta e sa simt din nou sentimentul de tihna si de ACASA pe care l-am pierdut pe drum, sa-mi gasesc din nou locul si deasemenea imi doresc un copilas:).

    As avea si eu o intrebare: in magazinul de pe breslo o sa fie iepurasi? si cam cat ar costa unul personalizat? Al meu e alb cu ochelari si pantalonasi gri, ca iepurii de camp si codita neagra pe deasupra, alba pe de dedesubt :) merci


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