Friday, February 28, 2014

goodbye winter

Today is officially called the last day of winter, but I would be inclined to think of it more as the first day of spring... Oh sweet spring, all the possibilities you bring with you and then you give them away for us to seize!

I have been celebrating this glorious, sunny day with a ton of work. Things have to be done before I leave town, so I was finishing up orders, packing them up, doing paperwork and spending more time at the post office than I would have wanted to. Long cues are starting to become an unwanted habit over there.

Anyway, I finished up two custom kitty-cats, more on that later. And tonight I am unloading the kiln, but I'm afraid news about that will have wait until the end of next week, when I'll be back. So until then you can enjoy spring with this coupon code: "SPRING15" to get 15% off on orders from my shop on Etsy (available March 1- 5), orders in this period will be shipped out first thing on the 6th.

Happy blooming, friends! ;)

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