Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This morning I woke up with a sad taste... it was a day of extremes. There were moments that were hard to bear and afterwards there were others to mend the heavy heart. Saying goodbye has never been easy. And comforting those who feel pushed low from everything that has happened is a puzzling task, and I find that holding these people close in our arms is the only thing that can be done and perhaps that one thing that in these moments means anything at all...

Time will fade the wounds, but it will never erase them.

I am not good at dealing with loss. Perhaps I should rephrase that. I don't care much if I loose material goods, I instantly accept and I move on. But having to say goodbye to those I love is the one thing I cannot seem to learn to deal with.

I am a woman with powerful emotions. I feel with incredible intensity, negative and positive... A whirlwind in my soul.

Everything that has happened today was a great lesson for me, a good reminder to take time and listen, and at the very same time never let a day pass without exploring, loving and paying attention to the ones around me, smiling at strangers and hugging the ones that are closest to my heart. We often take time for granted. Well, most of the time we do. But there will come a day when we wish we made more of it all.

And I hope you will. It is the only thing I wish for you. Make the most of it and live a thoughtful life with actions that come naturally to you. Let your actions reflect your beliefs. It is not going to be perfect, but smile at it all and accept that which you cannot change. Learn to let go of the useless. But never forget to open your heart and welcome the happy gifts into your life. They are set aside for you, that much I can promise. Listen to your heart. Always.

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