Saturday, February 15, 2014

saturday afternoon

Third firing is close to the top of my favorite things list. The moment I open the door of the kiln and take a first glance at all the beauty that unfolds before my eyes...priceless. It is a moment of truth. Of the simplest joy. Presence.

I drank my afternoon coffee by the window today, holding the tiniest, cutest little thing on the planet marveling at how exquisite this world is, and how small I am compared to it . Whenever that thought comes to mt mind, I feel such peace in my heart. For a fraction of a second I envied that cute puppy in my arms for being so true to his nature, for being able to act only according to his instincts, following nothing else in life, but what is truly important for his existence...

I wish I could live more like that. Sure, there are other aspects to a human life. But merely some are significant to our existence, and perhaps some of those differ from that of the animals, but we do so many useless things beyond that, we think so much trash up and we loose so many important moments because of our initial expectations of everything.

I liked today. The sun was warm. My heart was steady and my studio full.
To top all of that, at the end of the day I baked a large batch of madeleines.

How is your weekend coming along?

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  1. I love your studio view, the perfect colors ever! but best of all are your cutest ceramic cats ♥ ! Today it was a lazy Saturday for me, just eating a lot of handmade cookies prepared 2 days ago, baking a cheese tart and sketching for a wedding invitation. Have a great weekend ahead dear Erika!


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