Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday glazing

Today was a "moody candle light" kind of day. I spent the whole day glazing an entire kiln worth of objects and jewelry components. I also have a couple of test glazes, and you can only imagine how excited I am about that. Can't wait for Thursday to see how they turned out...

These kinds of calm days are so good to me. They give me the emotional space to sit silently and do a repetitive, yet never boring action, put my ever so scattered thoughts into place and calm my restless soul. Glazing is always an early morning to late night type of work, but it is so much more than just a tiresome never-ending day. At the end of each of these days I go to sleep with a grateful smile on my face. I never decide firmly upon any difficult subject that may concern me, but I always feel like it got me closer to that balanced state of mind where everything is possible, so nothing radical needs to be done.

What kind of actions brings that feeling about in your heart?

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