Monday, March 3, 2014

hand-crafted love

Whenever someone tells me that they can never seem to find the right product for them, that they feel like they have to make compromises whenever they want to buy sustainable products from local or non-local, but small businesses that handcraft all their inventory, it makes me wonder whether they live with an open eye and heart or what? Because I could just drive around my own country and point out several studios and workshops where one can find products which shine with uniqueness and style, pride themselves in their quality ingredients/raw materials and their skillful craftsmanship. But let's suppose that they were unable to find anything (which I honestly doubt) locally, well sweet lord, just search the web, you do not have to compromise any aspect of your demands whatsoever. You can go ahead and support a maker, a freelance designer or a craftsman aaaand have yourself a product that you will love... and oh wait for it: at an affordable price.
So open up your heart folks and don't fool yourself with silly excuses, this is the road we ought to walk down on for a thoughtful and sustainable economy. Allow your acts to reflect your beliefs and don't let yourself be discouraged  simply because it may appear to be a little more complicated to do!

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