Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jewelry packaging

I always experiment with packaging, and as I like to keep things fresh and always new, this is not such a bad thing. Most of my international orders need extra special care due to the large travel distances, so the jewelry boxes for these orders are custom made in my studio by my wonderful "helping elf", but for all the other domestic orders I was aiming at finding the perfect gift box, which is simple and can be customized as I please. I loved the little kraft boxes I saw around the web, but they would have had to be imported from far away and shipping would have cost me a fortune. I was so bummed.

But finally I found a local maker a small family run business, who was kind enough to consider making these boxes for me, according to my measurement requirements (they are present on Etsy too, under funkyboxstudio). And this is what came out of this collaboration. I am so excited. I have not yet figured out the "general branding look", but it will surely involve a ceramic logo. That much I'm sure of! Stay posted for the final packaging. I will feature it shortly.

I prefer a simple, yet thoughtful packaging that supports and doesn't steal the sparkle of the product itself. How about you?


  1. Thank you sooo much! :)
    Ma bucur mult ca au fost de folos!

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