Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Saving a life

I wrote the sorry bellow on my facebook page yesterday, posted photos about the puppy and made the results of her x-ray public:

"Last week, on his way to work my boyfriend, Gaspar, spotted a dog laying on the ground by the side of the road. That is not very surprising in Romania, as there are many stray dogs around, unfortunately, and there are very few shelters with poor conditions to take care of them. The next day the dog was in the very same place looking around, seated in the very same spot. Now that started to look suspicious so he stopped to see what the problem was. The dog must have been hit by a car, and left behind to starve and suffer to death. She could not move, as she drags her behind altogether. When I arrived to Gaspar's place and he took me to see the puppy just outside of town in the open field, we gave her something to eat, but I knew we could not abandon her, so we took her back home with us. On Tuesday we took her 60km from here to the nearest clinic for an x-ray (which is not cheap by the way) and the good news is, her spine is not affected. But her back legs are both broken (as you can see from the results of the x-ray) and she needs surgery in a maximum of 5 days time. The surgery costs about 450 lei, and then all the recovery treatments she needs afterwards with antibiotics are also very expensive. She endures all the pain she goes through bravely and relatively quietly, she is a fighter so I know she will make it if she receives help. PLEASE help me to give her life back, even the smallest amount of donation can add up to save her life! Let's brake ignorance together! Please!"

Last night the story received many shares, and then a couple of people wrote back expressing their willingness to make a donation. I also tried to motivate my shop's fans to buy cat products by offering the proceeds from these orders entirely to the recovery of this innocent and abandoned puppy.

But before even raising the entire sum for the surgery Gaspar and I, we decided to call and schedule the surgery to the soonest possible date as there is absolutely no time to waste and she goes through terrible pain, which has seemingly increased after the x-ray. So the puppy will undergo surgery tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 8:30 PM.

Surprisingly, very few of my 1228 "friends" on facebook did more than to press share, which saddened me a little, but what I find to be a modern day miracle is the response I got from absolute strangers who I'm very sure are not aware of their angelic qualities, but they are nothing less than true angels! I am humbled by the willingness of people I have never met to help me save this loving puppy's life! So, thank you! Thank you! Thank you a million times over. I am so very grateful for your kind help!

If you, who reads this post right now, think that you are able to help this puppy with even the smallest donation, please write to me at erika.iozsa @ gmail (dot) com

I am really nervous about tomorrow's surgery, but at the very same time I am hopeful and positive about it all. God has sent amazing help to us, without which I don't even want to imagine what could have been the outcome. I appreciate any kind of support, prayers, good words, positive thoughts sent our way or perhaps a donation. I am holding my breath until I will know more...

Thank you angels!

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