Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturdays are workdays, yes they are

For a while now, Saturdays are very much required to be worked through, and if I could add a couple more hours to each day, that would also be wonderful...

But somehow everything was just so incredibly sloooowwww today. Even coffee tasted differently, and that is never a good sign. I took my time, went with the weather and left the studio early. Rainy weather is rarely my kind of weather.

After unloading the kiln, I covered lots of ceramic pieces in 22K gold paint just to balance out the grayness of the day. I will be firing again on Monday, so orders will be shipped out on Tuesday, in case you were wondering :)

Mazsola appreciated us leaving early, and he is now up on the couch sleeping like a baby. I just might cuddle up next to him myself, listening to the rain and dreaming about warm summer nights, sparkly bonfires, smiles, friends and wine...

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  1. your work is always gorgeous, hope you had a lovely weekend!


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