Wednesday, April 16, 2014

spring mornings

Today I awoke to one of those mornings when coffee and silence are so dear to me... And solitude oh so... necessary. Spring proved to be a little moody this year and though I admire the subtle glow of a rainy day, I definitely could appreciate a warm ray of sunshine at this point.

Painting under artificial light is not my favorite thing in the world, but it sure relaxes me to let go of all distractions a bright lively day offers and melt into my actions, the slow movement of my brush and the blending colors on my palette. I find it deeply meditative... I have found myself in more of an observational, contemplative, reflective kind of mood this season. Not in a sad way, rather in a peaceful, calm and harmonious way. When everything aligns within, even though on the outside life could not be more scattered and twisted... I like this feeling. I like peace and harmony. I like to just be, yet to feel more alive then when I am rushing... I like the spring rain, and my new red umbrella. I like calm days and morning solitude. And I very much like my coffee strong with just a dash of milk.

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