Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wishes casted into the wind...

I am a woman of simple needs. I enjoy leading a decent, simple life, aiming to make thoughtful decisions.
I've been thinking a lot lately...because that is what I do, I think. Too much, most of the time. But now I feel like thoughts and feelings harmoniously cling together and I am more and more certain about the exciting desire of moving out of this suffocating urban environment.

Perhaps this decision becomes clearer with every jarring of my apartment wall, due to the renovation work that has been going on for days on end in the apartment bellow.

I dream about tall pine trees, warm summer days, lavender fields, a wooden house and SILENCE.

I truly wonder what it would be like to move to such a magical place, where nature is right under my feet, it is in the wind, hiding in the silence between thoughts and words.

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  1. I too dream of such a place! Now more than ever. How to find it? Right now I live way up in the north of Norway, where the first signs of spring are just becoming visible, for me this is the hardest time up here, I long for some warmth and sun and sprouts growing outside. My boyfriend and I just found an apartment after having searched for several months, but we can only live here for three months. This temporary city life is exhausting, it's not what I want!


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