Friday, May 23, 2014

new studio: walls of leaves & sun-ray ceiling

If I told you I was working today, you probably wouldn't believe me... Glazing day is so much better when the sun is shining and I get to set my table up out in the garden, listen to tiny birds quarreling on top of the locust-tree and dream away.

I never imagined that one day I would really, truly find what I love doing, though I have been searching for it most of my life. And if you had asked me five years ago about the way I saw myself in 5 years time, I would have probably placed myself into an international human rights institute, fighting to change the world for the better. Which is of course a great place to be... for someone, I'm sure. But not me.

Four years ago I have found my way back to my soul. And four years later I have found my way home. And I am home in what I do, and in who I've become. I am home in the way I live my life. And probably for the first time in my life I am home in Transylvania. Not only physically (that would not really be an achievement, I mean, travelling is really made easy nowadays), but emotionally, heart and soul, this is where I belong.

I may have lost my center for a while after having come back from abroad, despite this being what I have wanted. But I gained it back. And I know, that I may be bent in two and at times I may reach great heights, but where I will always find balance is right here, in the very center of my world, doing what I love, being free from the things and the people that weigh me down. Life is too short to be wasted not knowing what we want and not living that dream that makes us smile and gives us the motivation to get up and be awesome... whatever that may be for you.