Sunday, July 27, 2014

Made it

Flower pots for "selfish" reasons...
I rarely get to make anything for myself and when I realized I didn't have any pots (of my own) to plant my larger succulents in, I knew, this had to change. Red clay is rarely something that I work with, I prefer the lighter colors and finer textures for most of my jewelry-work and everyday objects, but hand-built flower pots, well, they look best in unglazed red. The organic sturdy feel and the uneven lines fit so well with the perfect and systematically beautiful look of my succulents. Such balance suits my taste...

Sometime during the following week, when all of the wares I made yesterday will have dried out completely, I will load them into the kiln and bisque fire them. Then off to plant my lovelies. Cannot wait to show you the final result.

There is something so meditative about hand building... your hands are soaked in thick clay as you perfect the shape of the pots in repetitive moves...Absolutely magical. And this type of clay is amazing to work with, made especially for throwing, so its flexibility is like none other clay's I've worked with so far.

As I was working on these, a thought came to me and it won't leave my mind even days after. I might organize some clay workshops for children... It would be so nice, don't you think? I have held courses a number of times in kindergartens and summer camps, but I have never actually organized one, I was merely guest tutoring. Are there any mothers out there reading this post? What are your thoughts on this? Would children be interested in learning about pottery and digging their little hands into this wonderful "mud"? ;)

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