Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Mondays are not that bad when your desk looks like this.

Opening the door of the kiln is always something I anticipate with great enthusiasm. Sometimes the surprise quickly develops into a shock-like state, and I find that right before an event my whole entire load of work (previously ordered and payed for) can be tossed into the garbage because my thermo setter decided to give the firing a little kick of its own. Such things happen rarely, but they do happen at times. Breathing in and then calmly starting all over again is the best way to handle such dreadful situations, that much I have learned over the years. And there are other times, luckily the more frequent ones, when I am dancing my way to and from the kiln and my shelves as I unload my fired and finished work. I love the element of surprise, that tiny little something that makes the results partly unpredictable....

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