Saturday, October 18, 2014

Perfectly Imperfect (shapeless femininity)

If I were a writer, I would put my emotions, feelings, beliefs and principles on paper, I would mold all those twisting thoughts in my head into words. But I am not a writer. And my weapon is not a pen and a blank piece of paper. I communicate best through clay. And here are my thoughts on femininity. The story has and ambiguous ending, so I will let you complete it with your own thoughts on what all these pieces communicate to you. And what will still remain will be simply 'beauty', the rest of it, beyond all stories and interpretations will have the sole propose of delighting one's eyes and senses.

I hope you will enjoy my new collection!
Here's to being perfectly imperfect, ladies... here's to being a woman! Celebrate it!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

that autumn cold

I was afraid this space will stay nice and organized for a couple of days. As I am forced to take time to rest and drink hot herbal teas under a warm blanket....

Meanwhile in my living room...

I didn't go to the studio deliberately, so I would stay in bed, drink hot tea, and sleep this cold out. Instead I turned my living room into a studio to drink hot tea, go through the dreaded paperwork and finish off some stud earrings. Oh, the sweetness of being self employed, there's no chance for calling in sick and have someone do the work while you're gone. But I wouldn't have it any other way