Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

May your new year bring joy to you, may your faith be strong as to overcome your fears and may you strive in courage to take the risks that may lead you to places you've only dreamed of. If I learned something over the course of 2014 is that in order to enjoy changes in our lives, we must be brave enough to change ourselves first.

Tomorrow is the first day of the next 365. How special is that? Make it count.
I don't mean to advise you to go out party day and night and then when you hopefully have found your way home then pass out.
I mean, use this time to reflect. Don't plan. That is stupid. You and I we both know that you will not keep to those plans one bit. Reflect, and leave 2014 behind. Whatever has happened (and believe me, a lot has happened in my life too...more than I expected to carry) leave it in the past, this is the best time to look forward and leave your hurt soul and your bruised ego in the year that is already gone, and think of what you want 2015 to hold for you. What is it that you wish for? Dare to wish for great things to unfold, but please, be realistic. It is essential that you KNOW what you want for yourself. Stop worrying about how to achieve those wishes, just imagine what you want and imagine how you feel when you have them/ get there.

Live the first day of the New Year, and live, I wish for you to LIVE all through 2015. It is time to feel alive again!

2014 has been a trialing time in my personal life, yet a striving one for Jasmin Blanc Studio. And I have all of you to thank, for making this year so very special in terms of business, art and dreams that came true. Without your support, I could never have come so far... But it doesn't stop here, as I have wonderful dreams yet to achieve, and I truly hope to have you by my side in 2015 too. Lets make this one truly count! As I like to say "If not now, when?"


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