Wednesday, January 21, 2015


January brought slow days into the studio. Not because of the slow pace of orders, because there is plenty of that, thankfully, but because after my health shattered a little as a result of the holiday rush, I feel like adopting the seasons's rhythm is the best choice for me right now. I enjoy these quiet days in the studio very much. Haven't had this since, lord knows when, so it is so reveling. It takes me back to times I have long forgotten. Times I miss.

Today I had a few rounds to the Post Office. And I spent the afternoon preparing pieces for the first firing.

I am inclined to believe that this year is about to give a different pace to my life. One, that I needed for a while now. Obviously certain directions I took have not led me to much good this past year, and I think this is about to change. I have very special plans for this year, can't wait to share more...


  1. Beautiful post. I love the first photo with your dog.



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