Saturday, January 17, 2015

Studio location

I am often asked about why I have established my studio out of the urban surroundings and why I commute to a nearby village every day.

This is the road that leads me there.

And when I do get there (I should add that it takes me 15 min., if I respect the speed limits, 9 if I don't, but of course the latter is merely a presumption. ..It often takes me longer to get to the city center), I am surrounded by green, everywhere, and playful white clouds, I am constantly cheered on by dogs and cats and whenever I feel that life is a bit too much to handle, I just head out for a walk on the hill over my studio, and I forget the reason for being sad.
No polluted air, no car fumes, no honking, no yelling and none of the aspects that come with working in an urban environment...
Yes, perhaps it would be very high-class and chic to be located in the city, close to where all the creative life boils, it would give my studio a very contemporary aspect and a defined branding. Perhaps. But I am not interested in what it all looks like from the outside. And I am not interested in beautifying the obvious. I live this life not because I want to show it off, but because it is the only way I wish to live it. And if that love towards this type of livelihood shines through, well then, I guess I've reached my goal. And appearances no longer have any kind of role to play in it.

I like the duality of it all. I enjoy living in a city and all the opportunities that come with such a life, I do, but in the same time I feel the need to evade to a silent place where time stands still.

At the end of the day, we all look for freedom in life, and we all have our special means for achieving it. This is mine. I may not always take full advantage of the situations I may be in, but then again, I know that I always have the chance to do it, and that is truly liberating.

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  1. Yuuuup, that's the road, all right! Too bat you didn't take the time to turn arround and take a picture of the city covered by the thick blanket of fog :-)


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