Saturday, October 31, 2015


Holiday rush, hello.
For most of you the holiday vibe kicks in about mid December. For me it does in September the latest.

As a child I loved Christmas movies with Santa, his family and little elves working the whole year round, preparing gifts and ornaments to be delivered and used for just one night. An entire year's work for one single night, and then boom... it's over. I found that to be wonderful.  I still do.

And today I have somewhat become sort of an elf myself. Those working in similar fields know very well what I mean, and they also know that to build up an inventory to successfully survive the holiday rush, one must begin early.

It seems that with each passing year people are more and more fed up with the pressure of buying presents, which had become some sort of ever extending trend to surpass expectations with bigger and better gifts. They are fed up with it. Yet it continues to become even trendier. So I hear...
I am one of those lucky ones, who get to see the world (or at least part of it) from a different angle. And I thank my dearest customers for showing it to me. In my experience people care. They care about thoughtful gifts, they care about community, about family, and about spending time together to make the holidays truly worthwhile. I am often contacted months in advance to create a custom gift for a loved one, something that would truly brighten that person Christmas eve. To me, as a person, these are the most beautiful gifts... and to me as a maker, these are the most meaningful moments, as I can be part of a truly memorable momentum in two people's life, through the gift that my heart and my hands have worked on together.

But please remember, that while material gifts can in fact be incredibly meaningful if you are dedicated enough to spend a bit of time and energy to finding that one special something for the one you love, I want you to remember, that Christmas is really about something else. Giving gift is just one way to show your appreciation and love towards your friends and your family, but you can express that in so many other ways. So don't restrict it merely to presents. Giving is a behavior, it is not a physical action. I know that all of you have so many gifts to give from within your give love, give kindness, give appreciation, give a shoulder to cry on, give a helping hand, give a smile...give grace. And try to remember to practice all of these in the months coming up to Christmas. I guarantee that this will make that one night all the more special...

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