Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Growing up I used to eat alone most of the time, and I dreaded it. I saw no point in eating, it stole precious time from, well, the cool things, like playing, and it seemed dauntingly boring. For this reason I didn't practice it often, leading to become a tall, skinny, unhealthy adolescent with a serious lack of self esteem.

Due to this reason I grew to value a tasty meal shared with great people immeasurably. Hence my love and appreciation for tableware that serves such harmonious gatherings. I grew to adore preparing meals and sharing them with family and friends, and I absolutely love to design and handcraft the wares necessary for this purpose. So the main reason I make tableware is to inspire you to prepare home cooked meals seasoned with love and care, and share them with those dearest to your heart as often as you possibly can.

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