Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chirldhood memories

Too often I see people going crazy with decorating over the holidays...
I have one simple rule and that is the "less is more" notion. This is not to say I am a minimalist, because I am not even close to being one. It's just that I believe simplicity is key in pretty much everything. I grew up, being told that when Christmas comes, everything goes. The more colors and shapes the better... Like certain women, when they are pregnant, they binge eat just because they have the impression that the baby bump serves as a great excuse and disguise for belly fat. But everyone can tell the difference between love handles and babies, just like almost everyone can tell the difference between simplicity and kitschy clutter.

I created the "Childhood Memory" heirloom set inspired by the simplicity of holiday ornaments, that used to decorate my grandmother's Christmas tree. As much as I love her regardless, I believe it is safe to objectively state that her behavior and lifestyle have not served as much inspiration in general, but her taste in Christmas decor was filled with dignity. Tiny apples, pine cones, acorns, paper-cut snowflakes and walnuts have humbly served as baubles and she had cut a baby's face out of an old magazine, dressed her with fabric and made wings from different type of paper, and DIY'd her into a tree topper angel. Splendidly organic. Humble. And peaceful. Not casting a shadow over what is truly important with all the glamour and glitter. I was aiming to recreate all that with a Jasmin Blanc twist, in feminine, delicate and subtle ceramic heirloom ornaments.

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