Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cinnamon scented thoughts

It starts to be that time of year, when my hands smell like oranges, my oven keeps debating whether to bake the honeyed slices of pumpkin or the cardamom cookies first, the whole kitchen looks like a sweet mess with traces of flour, cinnamon and bits of dried fruit... Despite the extra long working hours, I must confess, I absolutely love this time of year. Almost no sleep is yet again, my best friend, but opening up the kiln to a gloriously lustrous ornament bunch is so much more gratifying than sleeping. I loved Courtney's definition of her pre-holiday weeks. So true... But as the fire joyfully sings in the fireplace, my sweet fury crew is happily sleeping on pillows scattered everywhere, I hastily paint away on cat portrait orders with a calm heart and a joyful soul right into the night. There's no load of work, lack of sleep and tiredness that could make it all feel bitter...

I am continuously overwhelmed by your love and appreciation, my dear customers. Allowing me to be even just a tiny part of your holiday through the Jasmin Blanc ornaments and gifts is pure magic to my heart. I am ever so grateful for your support...

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