Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Days like these...

Holiday preparations are in full swing in Jasmin Blanc studio. And the last 10 meters in fulfilling a couple of wholesale orders have really taken the best of me. Since the word rest, and everything it implies, has never really come naturally to me, I must remind myself (or if that fails, I have to be reminded by someone) that signs like migraine and nausea mean that I need to get some sleep, and they are not a hint to drink more coffee.

So after taking a healing walk with the dogs over the hill above my studio yesterday, I absolutely had to lay down. I cannot even remember the last time I took a nap. It was probably in high-school.
It is amazing what 30 minutes of napping can do. Seriously. Who knew? cats and dog. They know all about the wonderful healing power of napping. All. Day. Long.

But jokes aside, balance is a difficult thing, I find. Especially if one does, what one truly loves. And running a business alone can also be challenging. But I am always thankful for it all piling up, because otherwise I would forget to take a step back and contemplate the aspects I still need to aspire to, in order to work smarter and not necessarily more... My vision of growing is more of an internalized nature, it has never been a physical growth concerning the enlargement of my studio into a company with employees (although in recent years I gladly accept seasonal help) to meet the demand. Allowing my professional work to be shaped and changed through my personal development is the best solution for my business to keep growing, while maintaining the very personal and intrinsic nature that had shown through since the very beginning. It may not be a business model advertised in books out there. But it is my own method. And I leaned, that no one can truly personalize solutions for us from the outside, these sort of certainties have to stem from within.

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