Saturday, November 14, 2015

if I had a child, I would...

...teach him that there are negative and positive actions. And each has its consequence. him to love all and frown not on the person but on their behavior.
...teach him not to condemn a whole nation or race based on the actions of a small group. the bible with him and let him contemplate the Scripture. Who am I to proclaim to know what was meant to be written and understood by it?
...teach him the difference between religion and faith.
...teach him not to mistaken prayer with wishful thinking.
...teach him, that a life is a life and none is more prestigious than the other, regardless of whom it belongs. him what love is.
...forbid him to grab a weapon in the name of (someone's)good to fight the wars of the selfish.
...encourage him to seek justice not with his fists, but with his heart. hard each and every minute of my life at showing him that answering hatred with love is the only way to bring change about.

If I had a child, I would stand by as his heart got broken by all the cruelty that is going on in this world, but I would stay calm at the certainty that I taught him everything he needs to put the pieces back together and be able to trust and love again instead of contributing to creating even more hatred.

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