Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ending the year...

This time of year is so magical, so filled with symbolism.
On the night before Christmas, I was walking Zsemi and I marveled at the grand full moon reigning over the clear winter sky. Did you know that the December full moon is called Cold Moon?

I could almost feel part of a winter fairy tale, closing my eyes...

I've heard the words: mercy and compassion so often this time of year. Two so very important words to our human experience. Has it ever occurred to you to be merciful and compassionate first of all to yourself, or you are aiming on orienting all your energies towards those around you claiming that to be more important? Is that selflessness, or self ignorance? I don't believe one can be good to others, if one does not know how to be kind to oneself.

Giving ourselves some space and moments of silent prayer to reflect upon the year that we're so close to leaving behind is essential to moving forward. New year, new me... That is one big load of crap. But I do believe that the whole point of moving forward is to learn from the past, seal it with a smile and aim to always be a better version of yourself.

Change is in my bones. It has never been difficult for me to embrace it. Being rooted in your very own spirit, and knowing you are never alone, even when you seem to be, is what grounds you, but it is also what gives you wings to fly.

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