Thursday, December 17, 2015


I painted the very first miniature cat figurine about 3 years ago. Never have I imagined for them to grow into such a success. Yet they have, and my customers absolutely love ordering them as gifts for friends and family, people they truly care about.

I have 2 studio cats and an apartment cat, so I know how close they grow to one's heart, they become members of a family and they are so very difficult to part with, should life ask them back. So we all like to keep them in our hearts and forever in our memories...

Gift giving is so much more meaningful if one truly takes the time and goes the extra mile to find something meaningful for a dear one... That is what my wonderful customer did. She ordered a figurine portrait a couple of months ago, and returned with a whole list of kitties for her loved ones for Christmas. This order was an honor! Truly!

Thank you!

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