Thursday, December 31, 2015

Moments in 2015

If you do not yet follow @jasminblancstudio on Instagram, well, what are you waiting for? There's been plenty going on over there in 2015, from little glimpses into my studio life, ceramic and jewelry work to an indecent amount of pet love. I assure you all of the above will continue to pop up.. The reason I like this network is, that it allows for a very easy way to share my work with you, to allow you to peek into my studio, get a better understanding of work processes, techniques, my aesthetic and essentially my world. It is very difficult to truly get to know small studio businesses online, but I feel that by sharing part of my life with you, it helps you to grasp the true nature of my work, the love and care that is being poured into it every moment of each day...

And this goes out to all of you, reading these lines, accompanying me on my journey, supporting me every step of the way with your encouragements and purchases: THANK YOU! I would also like to celebrate the fact that 3 new shops are stocking Jasmin Blanc creations; I'm over the moon about having you around!

Here's to a powerful year, I enjoyed it!

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