Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It is such a blessing to be able to spend each day doing what I love, and yet I too feel weary after intense work sessions, crazy holiday periods and wholesale deadlines. What I do, comes so deep from within my heart that I sometimes feel like the well needs to be filled up again...

What do you do, after having given so much of yourself?

Days should be lived to their fullest, events experienced to their furthest extent. After all, we only get one chance at it all, and we may never get a second chance on today. This thought strikes me in my calmest days, in my silent moments. And I fall on my knees with tears in my soul. Is this it? I ask at times of despair. Why is the past called this way if it doesn't pass.

Being kind to ourselves is so essential. Most of us will give until we don't have anything left, and then we will give some more. And yet I ask, is it helpful when one sacrifices oneself over the process of giving?

Giving. It is such a magnificent notion, is it not?
I realized it never has to stop. My dearest friend, whom I often refer to as my sister, has asked me to organize a small group activity in one of the children homes in town. I was so physically exhausted after a very long work period, giving so much of myself, and yet these two hours have meant the world to me, spending time with children who may not have started off with their fortunes high over rooftops in life, but who have the freedom to still become whoever they wish to in their wildest dreams. I made star and heart shaped ornaments out of clay, and we painted them together with acrylics.

It was merely a few hours of my life I gave to this event. And yet it felt so liberating. Is that not a wonderful conclusion? One that needs to be celebrated with a smile coming from deep inside the soul?
Giving should never stop. When you are weary giving into one direction, try pouring your soul into another. It will give you the strength you need to move forward and be renewed in what you think you've lost.

I often get lost in my thoughts and I feel like big measures should be taken, when in fact the simplest steps give way to the most meaningful paths.

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