Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sweet crooked bum... I realized I never actually followed up on her story over here.
My gal', my pal, my ginger soul. We live at the same speed, as they say. She is loud and happy, and would never hurt a living being, yet she relentlessly quarrels everyone she meets.

I will not go into the state she was in, when we have found her, because even just the thought of  it breaks my heart into a million pieces, but instead I wish to celebrate life. And second chances. And all the wonderful people who have helped us in those very rough first weeks. Strangers. Strangers sending heartfelt messages to support her...and me. Total strangers contacting me and donating for the cause. My customers, who might have been postponing placing an order, have jumped to help, as I used all proceedings from my shop during that time for her surgeries and treatments. The trust and the solidarity these strangers have shown towards me, was humbling and shocking even. I remember struggling to find words to express my gratitude...to find thoughts even simply just to understand what was happening.

At first the intention was, to save her poor soul (and legs), help her to recover, and when she would get strong and healthy enough, find her a loving home. My life (and lifestyle) at a time was not really suitable for caring for a puppy permanently. She appeared in our lives out of nowhere, a life at the time, which was scattered and filled with uncertainties. So seemingly time and space were not right for such a change.
We've lived so much together, and I kept putting off looking for that loving family for her. She adjusted to my changes seamlessly, and I soon couldn't imagine not having her around... I realized that perhaps I am just as much a loving family as any other...

From what I experienced, towards the west of the world, these situations are normal. In the society I happen to live in, however, a dog is often,  just a dog. And I expected people not to understand my reasons for getting so attached to this loving soul. And while that may have been true at times, the love and support me and her, we've been given exceeds those by far. 

I thought I was a cat-person before I met Zsemi. I soon learned I am an everything person. Period. Except cold reptilian type...those are only nice from a distance. Like half a kilometer would be a reasonable distance, I think. :)

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