Thursday, December 29, 2016

The old, and the new!

I find it funny how in the beginning of a year we tend to be so full of hope, full of energy, feeling strong enough to move mountains should it come to it to achieve our keep crossing things off those resolution lists. And by the end of the year, when it is time to sit down and measure how far we've come we are left powerless, lacking much motivation and positive light over it all, we raise our shoulders, twitch the corner of our mouth and conclude that it is, what it is.

Rarely do we measure our emotional evolution. Just weighing progress by the seeming reality around, the tangible, the attainable. And it took me 28 years to realize that I have been going at it in all the wrong directions, taking score far too soon.

And yet there are moments when I feel like standing in front of the mirror of Erised (I clearly overdosed on Harry Potter audio-books during those pre-holiday work nights) seeing that which I truly wish for in life, not only for myself, but for the world around me, and the world in general. I used to chase away these moments, but I now close my eyes and allow myself to dream. Even just for a little while. It is important not to escape reality, but reality can only be altered by believing in our dreams, so those silent moments of allowing our imaginations to show us the way is that which expands the universe.

And those dreams stem so far from one another, because on the one hand I hope to one day grow most of the food I consume, live happily with a loving human and tiny humans together with cats and dogs saved from the streets, learning something new each day, slow and steady without societal pressures, and on the other hand I hope to travel the world with a backpack, help children in need and just live from one day to the other trusting that each day possesses everything one needs to exist. Which life is for me, between those two? Which of those two very different people am I?
Well, both.
At the very same time.

And only time will tell which it the stronger voice within.
So for now I rest calmly, knowing that when the time is right to act, I will know it in my heart. And until then I am praying for a miracle.

Dear friend, I hope you had a great year so far, and you will not rate it according to what went down during 2016, but who you have become as a result. I wish for you to greet the new year ahead with curiosity and the courage to enliven those fierce and beautiful dreams from the depths of your heart and to know when the time is right for action.
I wish you love.

From my heart to yours.

Monday, December 26, 2016

merry and bright

Last night, as I stepped out my parents' door I turned back and kissed my mother again, thanking her for the past nearly 30 years of fabulous food and nurturing every single Christmas eve (and not only). She is the mom kind. Mother material. You know? Real mother type, whatever that means to you. You know that feeling when you meet a woman or a man, about your parents' age, and you just feel a mom/dad kind of vibe? Well, my mother has a mom-vibe, sweet, silent and kind. Her presence is not felt because she is all over the place, acting out. Her presence is felt, because she IS there. She participates. She does. She does not talk about what she is doing. She just does, and everything is tended to without boasting. She is the kind of woman who makes it happen and makes it all look easy. When in fact it is not.

So, today, I am grateful for the things and most of all for the people I often take for granted in my life. Because these are the people and the events who truly make MY world go round.

And that is one hell-of-a blessing!

So take a moment this Christmas to count your blessings, there are more than you'll ever know...

I hope you find the way to your heart not only now, on Christmas day, but every single day over the coming year!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday order DEADLINES

Days fly away quickly once we get to the second part of November and most of us start secretly humming Christmas carols. I just wanted to quickly let you guys know, that shipping deadlines are approaching in a very fast pace, so if you planned on placing an order in my SHOP, but have been postponing it, please look at the dates bellow to see the details.

Holiday Order Deadlines

Custom requests: 25 November (i.e. cat portraits)
Christmas gift deadline: 1 December (Worldwide)
Christmas gift deadline: 16 December (within Romania)

If you don't mind receiving your order in January, you can place your order any time you wish; the dates above refer only to before Christmas delivery. As a heads up, please keep in mind, that if you would like to order a custom piece after November 25 (cat portraits, special cake toppers, made to order pieces etc), I will not start working on it until after the holidays.

Thank you for considering shopping from small businesses and surprising your loved ones with hand crafted items  this year! You are awesome!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November, hello!

After the timelessness of October, November brings movement, like it always does. It breaths life into what is left of the year, like one last deep breath before it all comes to an end. It feels a little bit, like sitting around and just being -a state that resonates so well with October's sun-lit energies- is no longer enough, it feels as though it demands action, motion, clarity and agility. Not in a restless way, oh no. In a focused and intentional manner.

And as always, I hope you enjoy my insta-snap summary of this past month. If you don't follow me on Instagram yet, make sure you hop over to @jasminblancstudio and tag along, as I post almost daily of my studio activities and pet adventures. If you love animals and clay, you will feel at home, I promise.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A week in silence

I will not enter into great detail, such as how much relief and energy the moon - which was by the way the most beautifully glowing, orange colored wanning gibbous I have ever seen in my life - gave me in the toughest of moments, or how sensationally the sky was lit up by the stars that night, or how when the last tear snuck out a star fell...
I will not go into all of that. Because if I would, this post would become so long I'd have to publish it in a book.

But I decided still, even though it isn't easy to find the right words, to share some of my thoughts and a tiny part of my experience of a week spent in silence on the hill of Taize to perhaps inspire you to try something of the likes of it, or to at least offer some form of consolation in that you are not alone in your quest for the truth, or in your intention of finding your place in the world through the moments of joy and those of pain, but mostly through all that space of presence in between.


I woke rested and centered. Saturday's seminar in Rome continued to pulse in my veins, and I had the powerful intention to nurture that crisp energy that it went on feeding to my soul. Lighthearted and smiling, I walked back after the morning prayer to the house we (and by that I mean all the girls) called home for the week ahead of us. About half way between Taize and Ameugny I saw my roommate (whom I have already met the day before and surprisingly discovered  later that we were to live in the same room) standing there smiling at the sun that winked out warmly from among the airy clouds.
When we met on Sunday evening, rainy and cold weather was threatening the days ahead, and she wasn't too hopeful of any kind of change in that regard. I told her, that tomorrow, when the clouds part and the sun will shine, she will smile and will remember me...


A holiday spent "alone" in silence is hardly your typical dream vacation, yet to me it had such a magnetic pull. I felt guided to do it, even though I have no real answers, not even now, as I am typing these paragraphs. Lacking the serious reasoning behind this call within my soul, I playfully decided to name the search for a blue butterfly the core of my very purpose of being there... A thought silly enough to raise no resistance and a fun enough task to delight my creativity.


I was eager to take a walk along the Voie Verte to meet my friend, Pierre. I first met him, or her, I never actually checked, a year ago. Just when I needed a friend the most, he happened to walk my way.
In the afternoon I went for a long walk to find reasons to feel grateful and to meet him. I reached the house he lives in, but saw no sign of him. I called out several times to no avail. Finally I just accepted that he wasn't there, and let go of the preconceived idea I had visualized, so I walked on. Suddenly I turned right, just in time to see him running among the cows, wanly meowing and trying to look for a hole in the thick green fence to come greet me. He managed. Ran up to the walking path, put down the mouse he was carrying right after he squeezed it between his teeth a little more, making sure it would not run away. Ever. Again. And then finally ran to me.
Funny, isn't it? Humans often hold on to what they want so tightly, that they can hardly see the forest from the tree. And the moment you let go of controlling your experiences is the very space where dreams can come to reality.


I have found a secret place today.
In fact it is hardly a secret at all, except in my own experience. There is a bench, just down the road, behind a line of trees, overlooking cows feeding down in the valley. It happens to be the most perfect of benches I ever sat on; high enough even for my long legs not to touch the ground, but to playfully bounce back and forth to the rhythm of the tiny waterfall across the main street.
I closed my eyes to better enjoy the silence within.
I must have stayed like that for quite a while, when from the quiet thoughtless space the idea of a squirrel emerged. I could feel one being so close by. Just a few moments later the noise arrived too, and not long after as I opened my eyes and turned back, I gazed the tiny soul on the tree right behind me.


So what do you do when you can feel yourself falling? Nothing. You do nothing.
You just hang on tight and hope it will be over soon. The more you try to fight against the crash on landing, the harder you hit yourself.
Most of the time we are unable to recognize the fall before we actually crash.
Not this time. The truer part of me was standing by, smiling and dwelling firmly in the knowing of the process. So I let myself be drawn into the tornado that swirls up in life every now and again. I took on a different road then ever before and surrendered to allow it to gently carry me to wherever I needed to go.

I just turned the corner as we parted, looking up to the sky. Never have I had tears burst out so unannounced, from such a deep space within; one I hadn't known existed. Not shaking, not trembling. The silent kind, that builds up in the eyes and gently starts to descend on the cheeks.
Yet sadness takes up a different meaning when it is forgiven. When it is not withheld, repressed. When it is not shoved under the rug or it doesn't constitute the building blocks of the walls that were recently so magnificently torn down.

And so I can only ask this: if there were no questions arising even in the midst of a peaceful and balanced time, would there be any new answers? Are these contrasting times not an invitation to deepen our trust and nurture the tiny seed that has always been planted in our hearts, the little seed that is ready to sprout whenever we allow it to...

After all, it is not every day that I sit face to face with the soul dearest to my heart and in the same time the one I must accept living without.


There I was, walking into the calm of Thursday morning, marvelling at the beauty and complexity of our world, with a heart filled with questions that lack the very words that make them up. And then a blue butterfly fluttered its sky-blue wings in front of my nose.

I can hardly expect myself to figure out the path to which I am guided toward in the blink of an eye. And I am hardly more capable of convincing my heart to abandon a feeling, than my ability of using logical reasoning to persuade the flames of a fire to cool down. Recognizing that going down that old path of sadness no longer suits the intention I hold up for myself in life was such a discovery!

So for now I rejoice in the sole quest of the discovery of blue butterflies.


Halfway through our week; and by the time the night had settled in, I could feel the depth of the purpose of my choice to spend this week in this manner so vividly -and yet so very mysteriously- widening.

After taking a shower in the afternoon, I made myself a -what I like to think was the thousandth- mint tea, and went out to the back wall of the "Silence House" property, sat under the tallest walnut tree to dry my hair in the fading sun. It got me thinking, how a life such as this may be appealing. I have always enjoyed living in community with people, while living in different volunteering sites; but a spiritual oriented community living is truly something else. Life's pace, and orientation of self... like one no longer belongs to oneself... tending to the common life first and foremost naturally returns to fulfil one's own journey. And I cannot help but contemplate the possibility of such a way of life, in colors, building a family rooted in letting go of personal ambitions and instead surrendering to a higher purpose.

Later that evening I remember standing in awe, witnessing the most breathtaking, vibrantly sharp pink reflection of the setting sun on the horizon contrasted by light blue and rich ash grey -a swirl of colors which seemed to match the depth of sensations I was about to experience within-, that a feeling came up in my heart out of the blue. A feeling so powerful and revealing that I could feel my whole body trembling in excitement on the inside. Like it was the answer for my existence, the very purpose for everything that I am and all I will ever be.


There are so many things we think we know, just to realize we never really did. So much of what constitutes our knowledge is conditioned; planted into our unconscious from a very early age by the environment we live in, by the society we actively or passively participate in, by the experiences we create. How much more valuable is the knowledge that is born from a reversed process, from the inside out? So the next time you find yourself having a very strong opinion about something, ask yourself where it comes from and how does it make you feel. Your soul will always guide you to the truth within.

Towards the end of the week people start to understand each other. Not through the superficial means of words, but on a deeper level. Where knowing your grandmother's name is entirely irrelevant to truly knowing you (read that with a hint of irony). You tend to open your senses to receive emotions just by carefully observing, and thus getting to know a perfect stranger you've been living with for almost a week now so much better than you would through conventional communication.


There was a silent agreement among the girls to meet after the evening prayer and walk those two kilometers to the house back together. Some felt a little bit uneasy about having to walk alone in the pitch dark. But I've always enjoyed to spend time alone in the resting nature.
Later that night as I laid my head on the pillow of my sleeping bag I exhaled and felt my heart overflow with gratitude, for there is this place in the -often considered harsh- world, where a woman can still walk alone in the middle of the dark night of the country side, waltzing her way back home to the song of night-bugs, with her head among the stars and her arms wide open, and be safe without a trace of fear.


The alarm in the room next door went off. I could hear it clearly even through my earplugs.
I sat up and quietly turned to the side of the bed, searched for my glasses with my eyes still closed and placing them on my nose I looked around in the room. There is hardly any furniture. Just the three beds, three chairs and a desk. I have my luggage at the end of the bed I'm sleeping in, and my roommate has her backpack at the feet of the bed next to the window. The bed in the middle of the room is empty, so she stacked her clothes neatly on top of it.
There I was, by then fully awake, contemplating how little we really need.
Much of my adult life was spent living out of a suitcase. Only in recent years have I been offered a lifestyle which allows for cupboards and drawers.
All the stuff we tend to gather around us, properties, furniture, appliances, clothes, gadgets and more... I wonder how much we truly need. Or want, even.

The more I silenced my mind, the more my heart spoke out. It is the inner space that needs nurturing, not the surrounding environment. The latter will naturally be tended to when the former is the priority.

On the last full day of the week in silence we had a small sharing in the morning where each of us was invited to share, in just a few sentences about our discovery, direction, conclusion or whatever words came up after such a reflective week.  A little over 15 young women living under the same roof for a week, sharing meals, sharing time and space, smiles, chores and priceless moments of silent acknowledgement of each other's existence... And while I was fully aware that each of them had a world of their own, the moment one of them had whispered the simplest words of her discovery to trust, I felt a warm glow in my chest, felt my eyes fill up with tears and my heart with the deepest kind of gratitude, and stood there, marveling at how beautiful they all were in their quest of finding their way in this magnificent univers. Being there with these young women is silence, in words, in prayer and in presence was, without a doubt, the biggest gift this week had in store for me.

Our true potential, as human beings, has no limitations. And the moment we understand that the challenges we face do not just happen to us, rather they appear in our life for us is when a shift begins to come about. Once we truly get that, we not only rise above the problems we face, but we use them to guide us on our journey.


That early morning air, that freshness caressing my bare arms, the gentle scent of fall entering my lungs and my entire body... As though there is nothing before or beyond that very moment in time.

I walked through the field to the back wall one last time to face the rising sun. And in that space of clarity I heard the voice of a man I once met on a plane saying, that on the threshold of a new era in life I must always remember to set an intention and allow it to guide me.

The fullness of that moment is indescribable.

I intend to let love guide my entire existence. I intend to be a prism of God's love. Always. Under all circumstances. And forgive myself when I fail to become it. I intend to rise from that moment of failure, I intent to rise above it and return to a state of joyful, compassionate and loving center. I intend to be more forgiving not only with the people around me, but also with myself. I intend to speak from a space of love, and act from it. And mostly I intend to dwell in that space even when I am asked to lower to be with someone outside that space. I intend not to go there with my emotions, but listen, and then through my example I intend to lift others. I intend to allow life to happen, instead of making it happen. And I intend to be persistent in my commitment to deliberately return myself to my foundation.


Now some of you may be inclined to wonder what the purpose of - foolishly- rambling about clouds, cats, benches, butterflies and who knows what other non-sense I went on and on about in great detail is. I was after all spending an organized week in silence in a christian monastery, praying three times a day, asked to reflect on Bible texts and pray with verses, meditate with them. And here I am sharing my experience and basically all I can recall is how different acorns were from the ones I collect at home. So what about all that spiritual revelation I at times refer to and refrain from elaborating?

I could do that. But as I said when I started this post, I fail to see the point. My discovery is mine to hold onto. It is my responsibility to nurture it and keep it alive and active. After all, the abundance of words I could ever find would never really educate, but actively living what I speak might...
Yet if I were to suggest anything, it would be for you to never cease to explore the variety of options God lays out before you to fulfill the assignment you were given. And remember, that the very purpose most people are so diligently seeking for their lives is to trust. Yes. To trust. We might think we know a concrete purpose every now and again, but we never truly ever do, because it is always changing, always unfolding, always becoming. And in the ever changing scenery our life unfolds in perfect orchestration. Our only task is to trust and allow that which we could never even be able conceive to manifest.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Seeing people for who they are

Sipping tastefully bitter yarrow tea, I am pondering what I loved about last night the most. Was it the gratitude my heart was gradually warming into with every next step I took in the neighborhood park covered in the soft darkness of the night, feeling so, so very safe. Or was it the moment I turned the corner, adding an extra lap to my jogging routine, when I faced the -almost full- Hunter's moon just as it has lit up the path of an airplane steadily following its course. I imagined those up there in the air, flying to meet people they love or heading to places they have never been, their expectant hearts, the excitement in every cell of their body... I could, for one moment, feel part of that excitement, that joy, that light in looking forward to something new.

Earlier that morning I went to the post office to ship Jasmin Blanc orders, before taking Sziszi to the Vet. When I entered the room I saw the only employee I have always had a hard time connecting with in the past (to be very diplomatic in the manner I express our relationship). She is not a regular, she is just called to fill in, when someone from the service team is on holiday or on a sick leave.
I was standing in the doorway, feeling the sudden urge to turn around, leave, and come back in the afternoon when the later shift comes. I had one hand on the door handle, then stopped and made my way back to the queue. I closed my eyes for a moment.

Right there I had the opportunity to grow. And this recognition was sharp and vivid in my mind's eye.
The choice between walking away and facing the challenge was equally there, and while walking away has often been the path of least resistance, I could feel that in that very moment it was no longer the case. So I took the time I was offered by waiting in the rather long line to make peace with my decision, and expect nothing short of a pleasant encounter keeping in mind that those we interact with are a mirror, reflecting our emotions back to us.
Based on previous life experiences we often make the mistake of expecting a new situation to unfold according to past scripts when people or circumstances repeat themselves in our present... But when we commit to consciously detach ourselves from the perceived reality of life and allow space for more than that which we expect to happen is when events start taking a new course, it is when that which we like to call "miracle" starts to suddenly appear in our least guarded moments.

I smiled at her. Handed her the packages, we had a random chit-chat, she was lovely enough to look for a package I was to receive, but had no notification to show for it, then I paid the receipt, thanked her for her kindness, we wished each other a great day and I went on loving the crisp air and rusty leaves on the sidewalk. Just like that!

So next time someone behaves like a bitch to you, ask yourself what it was within you that might have mirrored that kind of behaviour...? I am by no means trying to make you feel guilty. Look at it as an opportunity to grow, to take responsibility for your words and your actions. The fullness of you is love, and it is a great sensation to let that light shine a little more gleefully each passing day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The chances we get and the choices we make

Lately I've been taking deep breaths to withhold my tears. There's an ache in my heart, I can not yet calm, and not quite yet heal either.

I nearly lost Zsemi this past week, and this tiny soul from the photo above just woke up without one of her legs. And my soul cries. It cries for them. And it cries for injustice in the world. For hatred and ignorance concerning animals. It cries for children being killed, women being raped, it cries for young men being slaughtered on battlefields and people generating such level of hatred among each other simply just for being different. I wish I had a wall, like Sue Monk Kidd's April, from The secret life of bees. I wish I had holes in a stone wall to write all this pain out on paper and stick the pieces into the cracks, because the load is just too heavy to carry right now.

Sziszi (read Sisi) is our studio kitty. She is actually the kitten of the cat that my neighbor had brought to the property, but she chose me. For some reason animals tend to. I have found her under the casting table two days ago. I didn't notice when she entered as the front door is always open. She was silent until I looked her in the eye, then she crawled out and started crying. One of her back legs was moving in all directions. When I arrived back to the city with her and the doc took a better look than I initially did, he tried not to sound too worried because he had spied the tears in my eyes, but when I saw the bone sticking out and the leg destroyed I knew that I had to be ready to hear any outcome.

Only those who live together with animals truly understand that they are not toys who entertain humans. They are souls. Precious souls, who often communicate better than people, who teach unconditional love far better than we do and are more affectionate, accepting and caring than the truest of human friends. To me a soul is a soul. Regardless of whom it belongs. And there is no hierarchy among souls. One is not more precious than the other. To me, at least.

I composed myself, until the next day when I had let her out of the pet carrier, when she was fully awake. I saw her crawl out, look at me and then get as fast as she could get to where I was. I could not leave her, she wouldn't let me. Finally she had put her little head into my palm and held on to my thumb with both of her front legs and fell asleep. I closed my eyes, but the tears still found a way to stream down my cheeks and a strange ache, like a rash took hold of my entire body. She was grateful at that moment, when all I could feel was such deep sadness it felt like physical pain. I have a lot to learn still. Learn to choose love. Always. Even in the hardest of moments. I took her to have her leg amputated and she was grateful.

There are strong independent women out there, leading their lives so gracefully. Some raising children on their own, others run their mindful businesses alone, some go home to an empty house. Powerful women, taking their existence into their hands, placing their burdens into God's and empowering others not by becoming bitter, but by embracing their vulnerability with grace and teaching through their example. And in that moment of heartache for everything that is unfair in the world I felt a strong feeling of gratitude to all these women out there, I felt in tune with their hardship, their sorrow, but also with the grace they walk their path and speak their truth, accepting and expressing everything they are. And that doesn't mean that they do not feel alone at their darkest moments, but they know - and yes, it is a conviction- that the only way they can leave their shadows behind is if they allow the light that they are to shine. Each their own.

Friday, September 16, 2016

ON VACATION - Fall break - Shop news

You guys, after long work days, dozens of cat portraits and cake toppers and late night jogs later, to clear my senses under the waxing gibbous, I am finally off to my oh so loved autumn break. Please note, the shop will be open, however shipping the orders will be restarted on the 26th September, when I will be back at the studio.

Custom orders due will be shipped out on Monday the 19th, so no worries. Everything is on point, I made sure of that. So please note, orders placed 16-25 September will start shipping out on 26 September. Until then, I will not be answering emails, as I like to take a little break also from the online world over my holidays. Thanks a bunch for understanding!

I will probably be writing about it afterwards, but just as a little teaser what I can already share is that my holidays are usually a little peculiar, and this one starts out with an Abraham-Hicks seminar held in Rome. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it! Those to whom the name rings familiar can probably relate to that feeling right now. (doing the happy dance as I am writing this)

And to make up for my absence I'd love to offer you a: coupon code of 15% off all orders placed between 16-25 September. Just enter LOVEFALL15 at checkout! Shop HERE!

Thank you for supporting my dream!
See you soon.

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's new?

What can I say, I've been a busy bee, creating new jewelry for you lovely ladies to devour. And I must add, I had a blast test-wearing them. Here's a small sneak peek.

Shop new earrings (and more) HERE.

Friday, September 9, 2016

welcoming new stockists

I am excited to announce, that there will be two new shops carrying a selection of my pieces in the United States. So if you live in or around Forestdale, MA head over to Wish Gift Co. for some kittiliciousness, or hop in to Let's Put A Bird On It in Aptes, CA to see my marbled geometric jewelry from the Matsumaini collection.

Pretty cool, right?
Each day I wake to do what I love, I am humbled by the power of the internet. This big tangled web that makes communication, seeking and reaching out to any part of the world so easy is the everyday miracle that we often take for granted. I am so grateful for those super smart folks who make it all happen.
And yes I know what you might be thinking right now, like everything that is material is a two sided dagger, that can harm or heal; so it is always up to us, which side we line up with...

If I learned something through running a business, is that the resources available are to be used mindfully. Conscious action is vital to a free flow.

Thank you for your support, you guys. You make the possibility of living my dream a reality, I am reminded of this with every breath I take...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

simple thoughts

I am astonished day after day, how the simple act of questioning beliefs and convictions can change my life and shift the old to something brand new. Something that is true now. In this very moment.
You know, some teachings have been around for so, so very long, and yet for the most part they are overrated beyond measure, and yet we, as a society, we keep them alive for the sake of tradition. A better word to use would be dogma. Ego-centric and fear-based, just like any field that is incapable of progress.

On all occasions, also now, some of my simplest and seemingly isolated thoughts emerge from worlds of stories under the surface... And a tiny part of the story behind the few lines above naturally rose after a wedding ceremony I attended over this past weekend. I have never been to an Orthodox wedding event before, so everything that had happened and that was said came like a cold shower just now, with no drops of cold water to caution me prior to it.

Religion. Such a delicate subject. And truth be told, I hesitated when thinking about posting this.
Not because I am in any way scared to stand up for my emotions and my beliefs, but because in this era of opinions I often find grace in withdrawing from expressing one out loud. I simply don't find it reasonable to waste words on trying to convince others of my truth.

And yet, the impulse seems so strong, it is obvious it would not rest until it hit those letters on the keyboard.

So. Religion. Any religion for that matter.
I playfully acknowledge the rigid feel of superiority in all of them. All of them claiming their superiority with a humble head bow that masks a certain amount of hypocrisy, offering merely partial answers for those burning questions in the hearts of their followers, creating a serious duality between the divine and the human. No wonder so many misunderstand the core values and the simplest of laws in the universe...

I feel myself easily swept into philosophical paragraphs, but the point of this post will only come clean if I stick to the essence of my initial message. So let me curl back to it. Overrated-ness is a keyword. The different religious beliefs. Rigid, prehistoric behaviour. Where it is thought that a woman needs to serve her husband. Serve. In its most literal meaning. In the "serve and shut the hell up" type of sense. I was shocked. To hear this in the 21st century. Where men and women align for human rights, for compassion and for kindness. For equality. For equal rights and fair implementation of these.

It was not the first time. And it is by no means a unique example, or a single topic. I have many from the most personal to the most global ones. And here we stand on the brink of religious teachings, in this glorious 21st century with a soul full of questions and uncertainties, and in the same time a soul filled with answers and gratitude.

And the laws of the Univers are simpler than that which the religiously conditioned mind can conceive.

In the end, being a compassionate human being, lacking the woman-man-muslim-hindu-christian-good-bad-tall-fat-etc. labels, is the essence of our existence. We exist now and continue to exist on this planet because we are capable of progress. Questioning wether what we say, what we do, why we said or did that which resulted is the most important spring of life. And the easiest judge of the outcome are our feelings. They never lie, because the source within us (yes, within US!) will never fail to be the truest and most honest guide, governing our souls.

There! Five paragraphs that will make almost no sense to most of you out there. But there will be a tiny percent of you old souls, who will stumble upon this post in the right timing and allow yourselves to be carried away to the tangled strings of thoughts in my mind through these few lines, and see beyond words. I salute you!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Bye-bye summer, hello fall

Somehow once we reach mid-August I already start to feel the fall vibe, the air thickens and life starts to get a slower pace. Everything gets done. Though my work-pace rapidly increases and balancing life and running a business seems logically impossible, and still... against all odds, with a calm heart and a centered soul the pieces all fall into their place. It's the magic of  the fall season, I like to think. The most beautiful of them all... Seasoned with soups and stews, topped with scrumptious cookies and pies, what is not to love about it. I won't even go into the boots, knitted socks, long shirts and cardigans subject, I think I've made my point without that one anyway.

This mosaic is a monthly recap using snaps from my instagram page. To see more hop over HERE and follow along as I share photos about work, life and pet-fun! I'm loving it, hope you will too!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

simple moments

Together with the arrival of August, at the brink of the change in seasons I can find myself dreaming of recipes that so perfectly caress fall. Aromatic plants, warm spices, creamy textures and the sweetest of smells.Oh those warm socks and long cardigans...

But not so fast, right? As much as I find myself most inspired by the delicious fall season, I adore the present moment. This misty, November-like August morning with freshly brewed coffee steaming on my workbench and doggies sleeping peacefully on their pillows. Cats mostly on the shelves or chairs. The most mundane of days can hold such magnificence.

The other day after my meditation the thought "Give up the battle and give into the ease of the moment" came up so strongly in my heart. Given the fact that I didn't think I was struggling with any given area of life, I found it strange at first. But it made me focus more consciously upon the now. Being present is a choice we have to show up to, until it becomes something normal and then choose it again. Isn't it wonderful that though we often wander off  in opposing directions, we are always guided back toward what feels right...

So let this be the theme of your month, dear soul. August is so easy to appreciate, let's make the most of it by keeping our focus.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

fire and air

Though unconsciously, yet I now see, that intentionally, in these past years and especially so in recent months I have set everything I know to be true on fire. Everything I thought I was or believed.
And fire cleanses, and hurts, and wounds, and heals in the same exact time, ultimately casting a light more powerful than ever before. 

Each moment we arrive to in life, is so much more than the previous one had ever been. Unique. And powerful.

We often sit blind-folded and closed up by our prior conditioning and our belief system, that we often forget how important it is to detach from it all, to cleanse it out, to stretch into the rigid parts and ease out the tension. We are often grudging ourselves the freedom to become more by choosing the same roads, the same reactions, the same direction, the same words and thoughts. Oh those same thoughts...which soon become our beliefs. Are they worth holding on to, once the wobble sets in, I used to wondered. Surprisingly, we are so keen to push through times like that. We taught ourselves to fight and resist the fire. The delicious and dangerous fire that burns up the delusions and leaves way for learning to breathe again.

Oh, to breathe that fresh air into the soul... and release it again. Trusting, that fresh, cleansing air will always be available when we are ready for it.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July

As usual, with a brief recap of the previous month I wish you happy July! For those with a curious nature, head over to my instagram to see more. Studio fun, process shots, new creations, pets and occasional do's and likes will be waiting for you to scroll through them.

Excuse the short post, but the mixed-berry pie baking in the oven needs me right meow.
I hope summer treats your skin softly and your heart kindly, friends.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yesterday night as I went to bed, I really planed on taking an early morning jog to start my day out. The alarm on my phone rang at 5:30 am, than at 6 am and on both occasions I was startled by the sound. Later at 7 am my alarm clock set the radio off, but I silenced it without looking. I can find the right button to do that even on a single try with my eyes closed... special survival skills on a grumpy morning, I call it.

So when at 8 I finally found myself sitting on the side of the bed, with the summer heat suffocatingly thick in the bedroom already, I finally accepted that jogging would have to be postponed. As I was brewing freshly ground coffee, the air around me so enchanted, and my bare feet on the floor so grounded, I heard a scream. Than a long cry.

The balcony door was wide open, sounds can easily come and leave as they fancy.

The woman's cry reminded me of the night my father's dad died. I can hardly find anything more scary as that night in my life. Not because of what happened. {Time passes, and as we gain more experience in life some of the things, as painful as they may be, are more easily accepted as a fact of life and an important step for progress and evolution.} But for my reaction to that which had happened.

As I sat down with a cup full a coffee in between the palm of my hands I closed my eyes, to send her love for whatever sadness made her lungs push such a sound out of her. Immediately after, a male voice. Angry. Aggressive. And out of control. My eyes opened wide. I stood up. Went to the balcony in an attempt to localize the source of these dreadful sounds. It came from my building, that much I could hear, but I couldn't make out which apartment. I entered the living room again.
My hands were shaking. I am rarely this vulnerable over something that is in many ways not my personal experience. There is a whole world living on in my heart, but it is usually not reflected physically. And yet, there I was, standing on the cold kitchen tiles reaching for the tap.

That deep feeling of powerlessness took hold of me and I felt such resistance to it, I was trembling.

A door somewhere far in the building slammed; the cry continued. My first thought was: I hope he'll be run over by a truck. Then a few tears ran down hastily on my cheeks. Immediately followed by a feeling of relief, a peaceful calming sigh which instantly eliminated within my soul even the last bit of resentment and resistance.

Heliophile. You. Me. All of us. We are all like a bunch of sunflowers on a beautiful yellow colored field. Our souls never cease turning to the light even when our human experience turns us away from it, and the guidance within never ceases to guide us back to our true, loving nature. Nothing else will ever do.

I despised this man a few moments earlier deeply.
Isn't it surprising how we have this burning desire to bring change about and yet we so often find ourselves giving our entire attention to that which we wish to diminish?
And despite hating him just a moment earlier, my heart filled, so naturally and effortlessly with love I could barely contain myself. He completely exited my awareness. Love towards her took his place entirely. Love toward the moment she is building up to through these experiences in order to make the necessary changes in her own life. Love and hopefulness, clear and distinguishable energy of freedom, that is about to emerge through these unwanted experiences in her life. The more intense the contrast in life, the stronger the desire for and the call toward that which is wanted.

If we are indeed co-creating the world through our emotions (and we are), then we must choose them wisely. And thankfully there will always be situations that will help us redirect our focus, and will guide us towards the crossroad of essentially two choices. We can focus on what we don't want and build a shrine for it through hatred, guilt, fear and all the likes of such feelings, or we can choose to keep that which we want to see in the world in our undivided attention and unconditional love.

And as much as we all like walking down that latter road, we at times still hastily start out by rushing down the first one. Yet I am ever so grateful to have shaking hands and a trembling heart to oh so obviously show me that I am going in the wrong direction. We all have an inner guidance, a pull, that no matter how far we wander off in the opposing direction, it will eventually turn us back towards the "sun".

Monday, June 27, 2016

the choices we make

There comes a moment when nothing else matters, nothing makes any sense at all, except surrendering to love. And love alone.
We search wide and narrow, our hearts never stop looking for that which is new, that which is unknown and our curiosity is never to be tamed. Change is so easy to embrace once we realize that it is our natural state and nothing ever stays the same, except that which we are. And if that coincides with other people's core essence, then we get to stay in each other's present moment. If not, our journey together served its purpose and ends in order to leave way for the new to come in. So why would you ever force anything onto yourself? Be that any kind of belief, religious or political, dogmatic or fundamental. There is resistance in all of that.
Whenever I'm asked to take sides, I walk away...

I refuse to argue for the limitation of the party I am supposed to represent.
How could I claim to be anything? And say I hold the truth now and that truth will stay the same forever more. Do you honestly believe it really will?

Does it matter what you are, a democrat, a Muslim, a communist, a catholic, a Jew, a ....?
Does it make any difference at all, dear soul? Aren't we all living for the same purpose, except we walk on different journeys on our way there...

So whatever journey you find yourself on, make sure love is the only emotion you feel. Because there is a little truth in everyone's opinion; and there's much resistance for them to overcome, so be gentle. Look for the good in others to find the greatness in the deepest of your heart and let go of your labels. A life without any dots or stars is just a matter of choice, you see. ツ

Saturday, June 25, 2016

summer breeze

Just like a fresh cool summer breeze, these porcelain pieces in their subtle feminine graceful lines turn the simplest of outfits into glam. Find available designs in the shop right "meow".

Thursday, June 23, 2016

summer sunshine

Truth be told, I'd love to live in a house with a beautiful garden, tall trees, bushes and wonderful greens to keep me cool in these suffocatingly hot and humid days. But I do not currently live in such an environment.
On most nights I come home from a kiln heated studio to step outside and breath in the urban warmth  and enjoy a cold drink on the balcony of my current apartment. And on most nights I sit in awe about how blessed I am to be able to experience it all and live the kind of life I choose to lead.

And as I sit and allow the warm wind to run and play around my curls in the darkest night, I sit and observe all that is, and I feel all that is about to become, I can't help but appreciate the love toward the kind of life I live every day, the ease I move through my days, the certainty I experience in my most random moments and the answers I receive from the most unexpected encounters.

Life is so easy to be loved, when gratitude becomes a conscious act. Giving grace... it is so easy. And yet we often forget it.

Imagine if I told my story from a different angle. Imagine me telling you what it feels like to work in a studio of 3 active kilns, painting gold luster at a temperature of 36 degrees Celcius all day long, being suffocated not only by the heat but the thick smell of turpentine, acetone and and other smelly solutions, having sweat drip literally from my underwear, then coming home late in the evening to a west-facing apartment within a busy and polluted city, having no fresh air to breath, no cool breeze to temper the heat in my body...

How different it is from the vision I personally call reality... Yet it is the very same life. The very same story. Both are.
My version of the story is, that I live my dream, each and every day, doing what makes my heart smile, creating jewelry that make women feel happy and dishes that make people smile. I work among tiny saved creatures, offering them a better life, while they save me in return each and every single day, over and over again; taking nice long, cleansing walks on the hill above my (our)studio, taking time to fill our souls to the brim with positivity and freedom. Knowing that I am able to return to a beautiful home that satisfies my needs, tends to what I require, shelters me, spoils me and offers me a vivid, yet peaceful life in one of the most enjoyed parts of our city.

Each day we wake up, we have the freedom of choice. And we're so free we can choose limits and literal boundaries. I choose freedom. And love. And a life filled with gratitude as the evening breeze caresses my skin and the few stars that are visible in the urban night shine down on me... Oh life, we've been so blessed to live whichever life we chose. And the amazing in all of it is, we can always come to new agreements, make new choices and adjust it all according to  whatever it is we desire to see and experience in the world around us.

Isn't it amazing that our choices define our present moment; and we have the power to alter it with the thoughts we think each and every single day?

Monday, June 20, 2016

gratitude under the full moon

28 years ago, on a Monday, just like today...
My vast curiosity has led me to live much life over these years and I am so grateful for those who have chosen me to walk alongside on my journey, to travel the hills and valleys of life, to cry and laugh with me, to sit silently or embark on amazing adventures, to grow and to teach. I am grateful for the pages I got to read from and write in the imaginary book of the univers, for the stories I got to be a part of, for the roads I got to travel, for the smiles I got to keep in my heart, for the skies I got to admire, for the love I got to experience, and for the lessons I was able to learn from.
All that I lived led me to who I am today and I am ever so grateful for having been born with a investigative nature, an unusual spirit that understands that the ebb and flow serves its purpose well, a spirit that loves the challenges it faces, because it knows how important they are to its growth, a spirit which always seeks clarity and presence, and most of all a spirit which dares to live true to itself, always choosing freedom to paint new canvases, a spirit that is able to let go of that which no longer serves its expansion and in the same time is truly open to everything that is to come.

On days like these I take much delight in clearing my thoughts and letting the light into my heart.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Birthday Weekend Discount

I am about to pack my stuff up and leave for the weekend, friends. Sometimes a bit of different smelling air and a change of scenery is all I ever need to recharge. Not to mention good company.
So emails will not be answered, orders will not be packed because I am turning a year wiser on Monday and decided this is a well deserved weekend off, as in: why celebrate for one day, when I can do it over the course of several days, right?

Sooo I am happy to offer you an awesome coupon code during my absence, so if you've been postponing placing an order, wait no more, just enter BDAYFUN15 at checkout for 15% off your order. All orders placed 17-20th will be shipped out on the 21st (unless it is a made to order item), so there is really nothing to worry about, you will still receive your pieces without much delay.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

my daily life and the small miracles

I had an unexpected, amazing conversation with someone I met a couple of years ago, and have not seen since. We have just been introduced then, and I would have probably hardy ever recognized him, if he didn't recognize me. And in the unfolding of this conversation mainly about work, clay and all that which is related to it, when asked about how I price my work and what were the percentages the different sites (such as Etsy or Paypal) take as commission for the service they offer, and I had no idea what to answer, in that very moment of unknowing, this burst of gratitude took hold of my heart, because it was the moment I was yet again shone light upon the fact that everything I do and live in my life is simply an act of love. The fact that I make a living out of that is merely a gift and not a necessity to keep on going with what I do.

Oh and what a wonderful world this is, friends! Our choices define it all. All that we experience is based on the thoughts we choose to think. And thus, what better way to bring about change than to alter our focus.

This is why you will always be able to read my words for what they truly are. This is why you will read about that which I love, that which I celebrate, that which brings me joy. How would I ever be able to bring joy to those around me if I did not dwell in such an emotion most of the time in my own heart? How could I ever bring any form of relief and even comfort to you if I stood in a place of observation of what is and not of what could be? Words are so fickle. Life lived, and all those wonderful experiences that we take delight in or sometimes overcome are those which will ever bring any kind of redundancy, any kind of surplus in meaning to resonate with, to really truly understand what these words reflect.

I am ever so grateful for being able to stand in such a place and do just that. Now. And now. And now.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

just like the butterflies

What I continuously learn over and over again is how perfectly built beliefs and convictions can slowly come into ruins, and how amazing it feels when out of that old belief system, out of that old pattern of thinking a new one is born, better said the old transforms, evolves, is lifted into something I have never imagined possible. And I marvel at how, with the passing of time, the transformation feels less and less painful. In fact it is rather uplifting, mind-blowing even! And I cannot help but celebrate all that which was part of my life experience, -both sides of the emotional scale- because it led me to that which I have become.

Isn't it interesting the we are so free, that often we choose to be pinned down. We are so free, we can choose whatever we wish in life. And often we willingly choose boundaries. Does it feel good? Of course not. But we are so resistant to the natural flow of our soul's wanderings that we hold on to it and push through the tough parts, when all these awakenings are merely guidance from the voice within to move with the flow of our own individual path. Those around often feel like they are meant to guide us back to the path that seems good to them, and by all means I believe in their honest intentions. While that path may be the very perfect one for them, we may no longer feel the same way in the bottom of our hearts. We are never ever the same person we were yesterday. And what better way to decide upon the path to choose, but to inspect how it feels, what kind of feelings it strikes in our souls? The voice within already knows all the answers, and it is patiently waiting for us to line up with it, continuously guiding us along the way, yet sometimes we cannot hear through the sound-proof walls we have built along the way.

I have not been physically traveling a lot lately, but the journey I took within this time has been (and continues to become) so exciting and so powerful that I often have to close my eyes to be able to catch my breath. There is so much yet to discover and I rest in eager anticipation of all that is to come.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hello June

May has been one helluva month both in and out of the studio, filled with just enough sunshine to cover these first moody days of June in warm light, at least within. And as the rain hits the windowsill in a very consistent, subtle rhythm, I joyfully munch on some homemade vanilla ice cream topped with freshly made strawberry jam and gather my strength for a long day of glazing new bisqueware. Not too shabby...

For sneaking into my studio (and sometimes my everyday wanderings) head over to Jasmin Blanc Studio on Instagram! Follow, like, comment, let's keep in touch you guys. It is such fun reading your opinion and insight!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


And there are moments, when I come across words in unexpected places, that reflect my whole universe in this exact space and time. And my soul turns into a smile...

Friday, May 27, 2016

Magical May

May has always been the month of sweet, eager anticipation for me, for as long as I can remember. The month of certainty and mystery, all rolled into one amazing, butterfly-awakening, fireworks sparking month. Sort of like the swallow of  fun and freedom. 
I never knew what was about to come, but I was absolutely certain, that whatever would, it will be fantastic! I have always been sure of one thing: that magic is on its way.
And just as I've felt it, as a child, prior to every single summer holiday, I feel it now all these years later. May gathers up a certain kind of mystery in my life that always leads to spontaneous manifestations and all the emotions it steers up in my heart are so very dear to me. 

I was doing my order-shipping-rounds a couple of days ago, and I saw a lady on one of the street corners, she was selling a handful of seasonal and dried produce from her garden (not at all uncommon in Romania), and she had a bucket full of freshly picked peonies luring me to her. My late grandmother had quite a few peony bushes in her garden and in this time of year her house was always glowing of vividly colored flower arrangements. She was the dearest soul (to me she still is)...

So I picked a couple of bouquets up from the lady at the street corner of one of the busiest neighborhoods in Cluj and thanked her for taking me back in time. Isn't it sensational, how the smallest details can take us back to entire periods of our life? How a certain scent, the light cast by the setting sun, someone's touch that holds a certain kind of energy can be so perspicacious, that it suddenly for a short while feels exactly how it felt then, just as vivid and perfect!


On a more practical, Jasmin Blanc related note, new jewelry pieces were added to the shop. In particular, the [WARRIOR] earrings I am oh so excited about. Part of the -ever so meaningful to my soul- Matsumaini collection. So head over to the shop, friends, to discover the zestful energy I embrace summer with!

Friday, May 20, 2016

life lately

This corner of mine on the web has been a little quiet lately, but I enjoyed the time away enormously, and now I enjoy the return just as much. Life in Jasmin Blanc studio is beautifully unfolding and I very much adore the contrast it has given to my days. I have decided to check in with all of you amazing friends out there today and share this new line of tableware (well, partially shown here, but you get the idea) with you, some of the pieces of which I have just taken out of the kiln in the morning, along with a ton of tiny little jewelry pieces. This cobalt line is so very dear to me, inspired by the early night sky in all its splendor. I like to take evening walks or jogs to end the day on a positive note and these pieces are a beautiful celebration of these very special moments in my day to day life.

On a less work and more fun related note, ManĂ³ has done an amazing job adjusting to the monkey-crew dynamics. Zsemi hasn't been the best host at first, barking the little one's head off, but then one day she stopped being stuck in her old habits and accepted that life has changed and it will never ever be the same as before. And when she left her resistance behind they soon became inseparable, playing together like it has always been like this. And you can only imagine my relief at this bondage. Oh these tiny moments, friends... and so many more...

Here's to a wonderful unfolding! Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

the story of a random Tuesday

Each morning I start my day with setting an intention for life ahead, and that is most often than not simply just to be more, more than I had been the previous day. Not do more. Just be more. As simple as that. I ask to be guided and shown the way that this intention can become fruitful in my life. It may sound like a very humble way of celebrating everything that I am given, but for years now, it has been the driving force for growth in my ever present reality.
The start of today has fore-shown the most random day ahead. I had nothing planned, not even what I had to prioritize working on in my studio. Nothing. I talked about this a few times in previous posts, my studio is based outside Cluj Napoca, in a nearby village, where I commute each day. On my way I pass a wonderful forest, where the trees form a tunnel above the road in spring and summer, where one can almost feel as the air thickens and life's pace slows gradually. It is truly magical.

Today was no different. I admired the surroundings as I slowed the car, and let all the windows down to truly breath in the freedom that my lifestyle offers me and smiled at how filled my heart felt with gratitude.

There was another car in front of me, slowing inexplicably, pushing the breaks in the middle of the straightest portion of the road. Then it seemed to have dodged something and immediately after a black miracle appeared on the road right in front of me. I stopped. The biker coming from the other direction stopped too, pulled his rucksack to the front and took something out. I got out of the car. Reached down for the tiny creature. She was so incredibly scared, yet hopeful, as she didn't run. She completely flattened herself to the ground. The guy came close and fed her some food he had picked up from the small store a hundred meters ahead, right where the village lays. He told me, the puppy had followed him up the road, ran after his bike, but was chased away by the store-owner's dog (who seems to believe her life purpose is to portray a lion guarding the entrance of the fortress). So that was all the information I needed. She was tiny, helpless, abandoned, weakened and hungry.

I sighed. Closed my eyes and said to this guy, we cannot leave her there. He asked me what I would do with her, where would I take her? I smiled. I mean, there are quite enough pets as it is over at the studio. Not just mine, but also those of the other craftsmen at the workshop area, where my studio is and theoretically there should not be any more...

Have you ever felt like you were sent to be at a certain place in a very certain time to do or be something? Well, I know I have, before. And it just feels right. It feels true. And that inner guidance is there in our hearts for a very good reason, which should never be neglected. I don't believe we came here to this life to sit calmly in our comfort zone and paddle the shallow waters. It is enough to follow that voice in our hearts to take whichever seemingly simple action that will eventually lead our souls into the unknown. Trust your voice! It will guide you to magical encounters. I am not talking about anything new here, friends. I can say only this yet again: a soul is a soul regardless of whom it belongs and it is always, and I truly mean ALWAYS worth saving.

Live your life in love, whatever that means to you, nothing else ever matters.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

cobalt waves

Organic. Porcelain. Rings. Some of my very favorite things all rolled into one. Well eight. Eight one of a kind ceramic rings. Needless to waste more words, I believe.

Shop the collection HERE

The photograph

I took a photo last night.
As dusk sloped from the sky, slowly creeping onto the city in its ash gray shadow, I stood at the side of the road hypnotized by the dazzling beauty of the vibrant fuchsia creek above the horizon, reflected by the setting sun and the wind that has been blowing us off our feet throughout the day. It seemed as though the sky was split halfway through by the sharp pink toned streak, dancing graciously into the night with rhythm set by the song of dozens of tiny birds. I closed my eyes, and took a picture with my heart. The lasting kind.
Isn't it strange how in trialing times we often give up right before the miracle? What if the sun was afraid to rise when seeing the darkness? Instead it glows into it and lights up the world.

These weeks taught me true patience. Mostly with myself, my own rhythm, slowly leaning into the stretch and waking every morning to a new step into growth, however tiny, peeling off what no longer serves my life, instead of leaning back into what I have once known to be true, safe and comfortable.
Aside from patience I learned the essence of being truly open. Similar to the clay between the palm of my hands and among my fingers...The softer it is, the easier to mold and shape it into what I want it to become. The tougher it is in texture, the less likely it is to endure the alterations and very possibly crack at some point along the process of creation.
Contrast is essential for the soul.