Monday, January 11, 2016

Inspiration: Hibernation

We all know that friend who relentlessly whines about winter, the snow, the cold, the minus gazillion degrees, the friend who continuously complains about all the days and nights they still have to survive until the first day of spring...

Well, I am that friend.
I truly regret, that human beings are not more like bears. How awesome would it be to just lay down and sleep in a warm (okay perhaps not in a cave, like a bear) bedroom and wake up again, when the sun is warmly shining, birds are chirping and the grass is growing again. Why indeed?

I get that a positive attitude comes from within and one may even be at ease with a dreadful situation, should one have the right mindset for it. I get that. I do. And it works. All through December it works just fine. But come on, three whole months of positive mindset in -12 C degrees is ridiculous. My positive mindset freezes up. Period.

So if we are not more like bears in the hibernation sector, then I dress up like one. And if I liked skiing and owned one of those ski outfits, I would probably walk around in it over the course of those dreadful weeks. But nonetheless, chunky knits, fleece, and thick socks are pretty much my favorites these days...Hot showers, oh they would totally mess up Maslow's hierarchy of needs for me...

Continuously on my mind are: soothing// cozy// chunky// convenient

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  1. This really, really made my day! "My positive mindset freezes up. Period."

    You are not alone :)


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