Tuesday, January 12, 2016

not special

I receive these kinds of messages all the time, people telling me they wish they lived the life I do, they wish they had the courage to walk away from their present realities and pursue what they love. I talk to friends and I am confronted with the same idea. Not long ago, a customer on Etsy wrote me a beautiful message. She told me she had read my about page, and it brought her to tears, as she was going through something similar at the time, and having read about my experience helped her to gain courage.

Quite a few years ago, when I chose this journey an incredibly liberating thought came to me and stayed with me ever since. One of the most beautiful realizations to me was not that I am more special, than everyone else. It is in fact quite the opposite. I am no different than anybody. I am just as hurt as everyone else, I am just as doubtful as everyone else, I am just as wounded as everyone else around me. I, or the life I lead is by no means unique. And some may ask, well, how is that liberating, if anything, it should make you feel even more stressed out? It would have. A good while ago it would have stressed me out indeed.
But then at a certain point some years ago, I raised the question: why should it? Realizing that I am not unique at all, that the world will wake to another day, whether I am in it or not is truly magnificent. My existence, or the lack of it will not change the Earth's ability to go around the sun. This realization frees me, like no other and allows me to be so grateful for everyone I've met and everything I've been given. But above all, it makes me compassionate. As my godmother likes to say, every home has its cross, even if it is not on display... I too come with a baggage, we all do, and that is absolutely fine, because when you suffer, I can be there and listen. Listen truly, because I know how it feels like to be hurt. I know how it feels like to be lonely. Just like I've felt joy, and just like I feel love. I can laugh and I can cry with you, because I am no different than you.

So give yourself a moment, inhale and ask yourself, what is it about my life that you desire? I am no different than you, and you are no different than me. Essentially you already have everything you need to live a fuller life, a more conscious one. And within your heart, you already know, what gets you there. Not everyone is meant to create with their hands... So many think, that this is where my secret is. People tell me, I'd like to live the way you do, but I am not talented in any craft. And you know what, you don't have to be. All you need is to rely on is your curiosity, and through that you will be able to find your passion. What is it that lights the spark in your heart? Maybe it is people, maybe it is a cause, or perhaps numbers. What are your thoughts about when you catch yourself daydreaming? That is where your heart is, and that is where it is most true, that is where your senses align. So stop wasting your life in jobs that drain and drown you and thrive in the truth of your own heart.


  1. Inspiring post! I am at that moment of doubt and fear that is the begining of my jobless life. Only recently i've realized what deep programming we have to fear what is not the norm. I am not an artist, I am.not special, but that's ok. I'll do.my best and the worst thing that can happen is that i fail. :)
    Wish you all the best!


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