Sunday, January 31, 2016


Isn't the instability surrounding the days of the week unusual? The whole imbalance of positive and negative emotions tied up to various parts of the week...The "I love Fridays & hate Monday"cult is the most popular these days, right? We've all seen grumpy baby bumper stickers whining over the fact that the week is about to start off. Do we even understand the meaning they bare? Do we ever think further to understand what lies behind it all? Is this a world, which hates life so much as to dread the beginning of new possibilities? Is it really?

If I was going to be a bit sarcastic, I would ask the question who is the idiot responsible for the way a day is spent, except me? Social media is packed with Monday photos each and every single Monday morning, hell, on Sundays they already start with the tomorrow's Monday posts. And it saddens me a little.
I developed a practice, that whenever I see such a post among my friends and acquaintances I check the author of it. I want to know who hates a new chapter so much as to showcase it to this extent and the next time I randomly run into that person I try to remember to ask them how their life is going, how their carriers are working out, but mainly what I'd always like to know is what their dreams are and what their actions are in respect to actualize those dreams. Sometimes a little push, a heads up and a little support of an old, seemingly ignorant acquaintance is everything we need to turn our day around.

I close my eyes, and the first image that pops up in my mind is that of a bridge across a rift. A secure, calm balanced time that represents not only the end but in a subtle way already foreshadows the beginning. A time to reflect, but also a time to dream; a time to say grace, as well as a time to warmly envision hopes. That is what Sundays are to me. A time to conclude the old and embrace the new. One of my best friends told me, he always embraces his tomorrows with the hope of fresh encounters... Isn't that a beautiful thought?

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