Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lace platters and dishes

I managed to drag myself out to the studio both yesterday and today. And by saying "dragged" I am not very far from the actual meaning of the verb. Being self employed is full of positive traits, but taking a sick leave is not one of them, since there is no one to fill in for me, while I'm dying on the sofa at home. There were orders that needed to be finished by a certain date, so in between I manged to fire and finish quite a few lace platters and dishes, which I am hoping to shoot and add to the shop over the weekend.

The whole place smells like eucalyptus, it helps me breath better, and ginger tea will soon flow from the tap too (and perhaps shortly through my ears, if I have to drink it much longer)! Any tips to overcome this silly flu? At least my temperature stays put now... I hope your end of winter is germ-free!

Be on the lookout for the new dishes over the weekend, I am looking forward to adding them to the shop. This firing turned out perfectly!

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