Monday, February 29, 2016

Putting the pieces together

Putting my pieces back together one by one.
Because sometimes pieces get scattered. And you may think a specific event in your life triggered the falling apart. When in fact those pieces have been wandering on and off for a very long time.

Everything may appear to be perfectly fine, and yet it just does not align. For a while I thought it was because the energies around me did not resonate with me. When in fact they were just patiently waiting for me to resonate with them... There is a fine line between all the realities we are continuously bouncing between, that can often be crossed without being conscious of the transition. And it works both ways. Both directions. Just as easily.

February turned out to be a deeply healing month. I knew it from the moment I turned my wonderful cat calendar (by Renka) that it was going to challenge me beyond expectations. And so it did.
And when life is out of balance I talk less and listen more. And after having listened carefully I start acting.

We all go though beautiful transitions. All the time. Whether we do it consciously or not. And when we resist it, that is when all the conflicts appear. Both internally as well as in our environment. And that is when that curl starts descending, and sometimes we have to hit that low end to be able to rise further up, than we've ever been... But I encourage you to take that road. Walk it out, and do not stray. You are not broken (unless you need an organ transplant, in which case you virtually are), you don't need to be fixed. Listen to your intuition, you soul will guide you through it.

What an exceptionally wonderful day we have... Not simply because it is a new day, not simply because it is a glorious Monday, but because it is leap day, which serves the synchronisation of the calendar year. It serves alignment. Now that is what I call a perfect way to conclude this month.

Live purposefully!

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