Saturday, February 27, 2016

Slow living

slow// simple// enough

Most of us are fortunate enough to lead privileged lives. Not because we have limitless credit cards, but simply because we have a roof (or some have roofs) over our head, closets overflowing with garments, and food to eat on a regular basis. And whenever you feel sorry for yourself for not living in a larger home, and not buying even more expensive stuff, just remember how much excess you already have. Heaps of stuff you don't actually need, all those boxes filled with that which you label "clutter" and take down to goodwill.

Living slower doesn't only mean to buy small, source locally and live a conscious life in general. It is a start. A beautiful one at that. But slower living should also mean making time for and giving to those who are less fortunate. Is that not what we are called to do..?

Was it the full moon? Was it the wind?
Whatever it is, it keeps me awake.
And I can't help but wonder, in the moments in between, what is the way for me to not just stand above and reach down, but instead stand beside, hand in hand...

We so often pray for answers to our questions, when the mere fact that God had planted those questions in our heart is almost always enough. Because they offers direction.

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