Wednesday, March 16, 2016


If you've been following me along here on this space, as well as on my facebook page and elsewhere, you have probably heard me say a number of times how important functionality is to me, with regard to the vessels I make (and with pretty much everything, in general). When a one of a kind hand-built dish is born and completed, I like to close my eyes, and imagine some of the uses the future owner may find for it. I believe that it is very important to be able to use that which you own. Completing your everyday life with heartfelt objects that brighten up your mealtime, coffee-break or random moments is in the end the purpose of my work. If Jasmin Blanc tableware had feelings (and in a certain sense they do...), they would sure as hell be very sad to sit in a cupboard or pantry behind closed doors, waiting nostalgically on their turn to come at Christmas time. That is a very lonely life, that I hope my pieces will never have to experience!

So I would really like to encourage you to use them, combine them with your vintage china, your glassware, style them, mix&match them, do what you've got to do to incorporate them in the general aesthetic of your home! I'd love for you to share photos with me on how you style your Jasmin Blanc ceramics, so don't be shy, share, folks, share! You guys tend to take photos all the time, so push that share/send button. See you on Facebook or Instagram. Can't wait!

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