Sunday, March 27, 2016


A time of change and rebirth... a day to celebrate renewal.
As life unfolds, I feel more and more aware, awakened to and grateful for the depths of God, and in the same time I come to recognize how very often people mystify God. In the beginning it was done to understand that which is unseen, so people began putting faces to stories, sculpting statues, painting icons and murals and have developed theories based on holy scripts in order to share knowledge (and by knowledge I mean exactly that, tangible information, resulting more from understanding and less from faith). We've made a box to hold God, each major group its own, and we drew a religious, dogmatic picture of a distant God who stands above and rules our lives with an insistently strong will.

Today at church service I heard the line "God wants us to...", and it felt like suddenly these words got spoken in a loudspeaker right next to my ears, amplified and so, so very... human.
God does not want us to... God does not want.
In our soul. That is where we will hear what we are invited to do. Each to their own calling. And I truly, truly hope, today more than ever, that we are able to undress tradition and preconceived ideas to seek the God of presence, mercy and love and surrender to this wonderful journey open heartedly.

For many, this time of year bares a sad taste dominated by sacrifice,  suffering and death. To me, it is uplifting. Death is part of life. And does not necessarily mean the end of physical existence. It can also mean the end of so many things that are toxic in our lives to eventually be resurected in freedom by abandoning our external will to surrender to our natural inner flow of love and light.

Happy Easter!

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