Friday, April 29, 2016

Slow but steady

The rain was dense and the air so moist, that a few meters walk soaked her clothes almost throughly. She carefully rolled up the improvised cover on the primitive greenhouse and looked under it to see what could already be harvested. The feeling of picking the food one grows, regardless of how simple  a selection it may be, could never be topped by any of the fancy, exotic ingredients that can be found on the shelves of a shop.
Nourishing. Grounding. Liberating.
In the very simplicity of such moments she found new breaths of life...

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I grew up with Pink Floyd playing on tape in my father's car. My mother despised it. I loved it.
The other day he received their latest ('14) album The Endless River from a friend and bewildered and enchanted as I expected him to become, he asked me to just listen to it and see for myself. When I opened the cover and went through the titles, my eyes stopped at the very last one. When I get to know a new record I like to play it through from start to finish, but this time, I just felt the strange internal urge to play the last melody. The entire album is instrumental, except for this last song. I did not know that. As I sat with my eyes closed, the music entered every cell of my body and the lyrics penetrated the deepest of my heart... Isn't it strange, magical would probably be a more suitable word, how answers come from the -seemingly- most random corners of our human experience? I feel like my week was building up to this very moment in time.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday vibes

early morning // good food // pretty wares // contrast // momentum // gold details // dreamy moments 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Urban spring

That time of year when magnolias blossom and the grass smells of such a pure green even in the midst of urban pollution, that one can do nothing else but to surrender to the moment and stop, breath in, smile and walk on securely. I walked today. Felt the need to be among people, yet not exactly be with them. It is comforting to regress into solitude. Addictive even. I've always enjoyed it. To most it is a form of refuge, to me it has always been a realm of peace and freedom. And yet, there are days - few, it's true, but there are some days- when being among a crowd of people is essential and healing, and this form of presence offers peace.

I look forward to the first Monday of the month, all through the year. Because it takes me closer to where I very much enjoy being. It takes me to a place I feel at home. It reminds me clearly of a space I dwell in my heart. Steadily.