Friday, May 27, 2016

Magical May

May has always been the month of sweet, eager anticipation for me, for as long as I can remember. The month of certainty and mystery, all rolled into one amazing, butterfly-awakening, fireworks sparking month. Sort of like the swallow of  fun and freedom. 
I never knew what was about to come, but I was absolutely certain, that whatever would, it will be fantastic! I have always been sure of one thing: that magic is on its way.
And just as I've felt it, as a child, prior to every single summer holiday, I feel it now all these years later. May gathers up a certain kind of mystery in my life that always leads to spontaneous manifestations and all the emotions it steers up in my heart are so very dear to me. 

I was doing my order-shipping-rounds a couple of days ago, and I saw a lady on one of the street corners, she was selling a handful of seasonal and dried produce from her garden (not at all uncommon in Romania), and she had a bucket full of freshly picked peonies luring me to her. My late grandmother had quite a few peony bushes in her garden and in this time of year her house was always glowing of vividly colored flower arrangements. She was the dearest soul (to me she still is)...

So I picked a couple of bouquets up from the lady at the street corner of one of the busiest neighborhoods in Cluj and thanked her for taking me back in time. Isn't it sensational, how the smallest details can take us back to entire periods of our life? How a certain scent, the light cast by the setting sun, someone's touch that holds a certain kind of energy can be so perspicacious, that it suddenly for a short while feels exactly how it felt then, just as vivid and perfect!


On a more practical, Jasmin Blanc related note, new jewelry pieces were added to the shop. In particular, the [WARRIOR] earrings I am oh so excited about. Part of the -ever so meaningful to my soul- Matsumaini collection. So head over to the shop, friends, to discover the zestful energy I embrace summer with!

Friday, May 20, 2016

life lately

This corner of mine on the web has been a little quiet lately, but I enjoyed the time away enormously, and now I enjoy the return just as much. Life in Jasmin Blanc studio is beautifully unfolding and I very much adore the contrast it has given to my days. I have decided to check in with all of you amazing friends out there today and share this new line of tableware (well, partially shown here, but you get the idea) with you, some of the pieces of which I have just taken out of the kiln in the morning, along with a ton of tiny little jewelry pieces. This cobalt line is so very dear to me, inspired by the early night sky in all its splendor. I like to take evening walks or jogs to end the day on a positive note and these pieces are a beautiful celebration of these very special moments in my day to day life.

On a less work and more fun related note, ManĂ³ has done an amazing job adjusting to the monkey-crew dynamics. Zsemi hasn't been the best host at first, barking the little one's head off, but then one day she stopped being stuck in her old habits and accepted that life has changed and it will never ever be the same as before. And when she left her resistance behind they soon became inseparable, playing together like it has always been like this. And you can only imagine my relief at this bondage. Oh these tiny moments, friends... and so many more...

Here's to a wonderful unfolding! Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

the story of a random Tuesday

Each morning I start my day with setting an intention for life ahead, and that is most often than not simply just to be more, more than I had been the previous day. Not do more. Just be more. As simple as that. I ask to be guided and shown the way that this intention can become fruitful in my life. It may sound like a very humble way of celebrating everything that I am given, but for years now, it has been the driving force for growth in my ever present reality.
The start of today has fore-shown the most random day ahead. I had nothing planned, not even what I had to prioritize working on in my studio. Nothing. I talked about this a few times in previous posts, my studio is based outside Cluj Napoca, in a nearby village, where I commute each day. On my way I pass a wonderful forest, where the trees form a tunnel above the road in spring and summer, where one can almost feel as the air thickens and life's pace slows gradually. It is truly magical.

Today was no different. I admired the surroundings as I slowed the car, and let all the windows down to truly breath in the freedom that my lifestyle offers me and smiled at how filled my heart felt with gratitude.

There was another car in front of me, slowing inexplicably, pushing the breaks in the middle of the straightest portion of the road. Then it seemed to have dodged something and immediately after a black miracle appeared on the road right in front of me. I stopped. The biker coming from the other direction stopped too, pulled his rucksack to the front and took something out. I got out of the car. Reached down for the tiny creature. She was so incredibly scared, yet hopeful, as she didn't run. She completely flattened herself to the ground. The guy came close and fed her some food he had picked up from the small store a hundred meters ahead, right where the village lays. He told me, the puppy had followed him up the road, ran after his bike, but was chased away by the store-owner's dog (who seems to believe her life purpose is to portray a lion guarding the entrance of the fortress). So that was all the information I needed. She was tiny, helpless, abandoned, weakened and hungry.

I sighed. Closed my eyes and said to this guy, we cannot leave her there. He asked me what I would do with her, where would I take her? I smiled. I mean, there are quite enough pets as it is over at the studio. Not just mine, but also those of the other craftsmen at the workshop area, where my studio is and theoretically there should not be any more...

Have you ever felt like you were sent to be at a certain place in a very certain time to do or be something? Well, I know I have, before. And it just feels right. It feels true. And that inner guidance is there in our hearts for a very good reason, which should never be neglected. I don't believe we came here to this life to sit calmly in our comfort zone and paddle the shallow waters. It is enough to follow that voice in our hearts to take whichever seemingly simple action that will eventually lead our souls into the unknown. Trust your voice! It will guide you to magical encounters. I am not talking about anything new here, friends. I can say only this yet again: a soul is a soul regardless of whom it belongs and it is always, and I truly mean ALWAYS worth saving.

Live your life in love, whatever that means to you, nothing else ever matters.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

cobalt waves

Organic. Porcelain. Rings. Some of my very favorite things all rolled into one. Well eight. Eight one of a kind ceramic rings. Needless to waste more words, I believe.

Shop the collection HERE

The photograph

I took a photo last night.
As dusk sloped from the sky, slowly creeping onto the city in its ash gray shadow, I stood at the side of the road hypnotized by the dazzling beauty of the vibrant fuchsia creek above the horizon, reflected by the setting sun and the wind that has been blowing us off our feet throughout the day. It seemed as though the sky was split halfway through by the sharp pink toned streak, dancing graciously into the night with rhythm set by the song of dozens of tiny birds. I closed my eyes, and took a picture with my heart. The lasting kind.
Isn't it strange how in trialing times we often give up right before the miracle? What if the sun was afraid to rise when seeing the darkness? Instead it glows into it and lights up the world.

These weeks taught me true patience. Mostly with myself, my own rhythm, slowly leaning into the stretch and waking every morning to a new step into growth, however tiny, peeling off what no longer serves my life, instead of leaning back into what I have once known to be true, safe and comfortable.
Aside from patience I learned the essence of being truly open. Similar to the clay between the palm of my hands and among my fingers...The softer it is, the easier to mold and shape it into what I want it to become. The tougher it is in texture, the less likely it is to endure the alterations and very possibly crack at some point along the process of creation.
Contrast is essential for the soul.