Friday, May 27, 2016

Magical May

May has always been the month of sweet, eager anticipation for me, for as long as I can remember. The month of certainty and mystery, all rolled into one amazing, butterfly-awakening, fireworks sparking month. Sort of like the swallow of  fun and freedom. 
I never knew what was about to come, but I was absolutely certain, that whatever would, it will be fantastic! I have always been sure of one thing: that magic is on its way.
And just as I've felt it, as a child, prior to every single summer holiday, I feel it now all these years later. May gathers up a certain kind of mystery in my life that always leads to spontaneous manifestations and all the emotions it steers up in my heart are so very dear to me. 

I was doing my order-shipping-rounds a couple of days ago, and I saw a lady on one of the street corners, she was selling a handful of seasonal and dried produce from her garden (not at all uncommon in Romania), and she had a bucket full of freshly picked peonies luring me to her. My late grandmother had quite a few peony bushes in her garden and in this time of year her house was always glowing of vividly colored flower arrangements. She was the dearest soul (to me she still is)...

So I picked a couple of bouquets up from the lady at the street corner of one of the busiest neighborhoods in Cluj and thanked her for taking me back in time. Isn't it sensational, how the smallest details can take us back to entire periods of our life? How a certain scent, the light cast by the setting sun, someone's touch that holds a certain kind of energy can be so perspicacious, that it suddenly for a short while feels exactly how it felt then, just as vivid and perfect!


On a more practical, Jasmin Blanc related note, new jewelry pieces were added to the shop. In particular, the [WARRIOR] earrings I am oh so excited about. Part of the -ever so meaningful to my soul- Matsumaini collection. So head over to the shop, friends, to discover the zestful energy I embrace summer with!

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