Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yesterday night as I went to bed, I really planed on taking an early morning jog to start my day out. The alarm on my phone rang at 5:30 am, than at 6 am and on both occasions I was startled by the sound. Later at 7 am my alarm clock set the radio off, but I silenced it without looking. I can find the right button to do that even on a single try with my eyes closed... special survival skills on a grumpy morning, I call it.

So when at 8 I finally found myself sitting on the side of the bed, with the summer heat suffocatingly thick in the bedroom already, I finally accepted that jogging would have to be postponed. As I was brewing freshly ground coffee, the air around me so enchanted, and my bare feet on the floor so grounded, I heard a scream. Than a long cry.

The balcony door was wide open, sounds can easily come and leave as they fancy.

The woman's cry reminded me of the night my father's dad died. I can hardly find anything more scary as that night in my life. Not because of what happened. {Time passes, and as we gain more experience in life some of the things, as painful as they may be, are more easily accepted as a fact of life and an important step for progress and evolution.} But for my reaction to that which had happened.

As I sat down with a cup full a coffee in between the palm of my hands I closed my eyes, to send her love for whatever sadness made her lungs push such a sound out of her. Immediately after, a male voice. Angry. Aggressive. And out of control. My eyes opened wide. I stood up. Went to the balcony in an attempt to localize the source of these dreadful sounds. It came from my building, that much I could hear, but I couldn't make out which apartment. I entered the living room again.
My hands were shaking. I am rarely this vulnerable over something that is in many ways not my personal experience. There is a whole world living on in my heart, but it is usually not reflected physically. And yet, there I was, standing on the cold kitchen tiles reaching for the tap.

That deep feeling of powerlessness took hold of me and I felt such resistance to it, I was trembling.

A door somewhere far in the building slammed; the cry continued. My first thought was: I hope he'll be run over by a truck. Then a few tears ran down hastily on my cheeks. Immediately followed by a feeling of relief, a peaceful calming sigh which instantly eliminated within my soul even the last bit of resentment and resistance.

Heliophile. You. Me. All of us. We are all like a bunch of sunflowers on a beautiful yellow colored field. Our souls never cease turning to the light even when our human experience turns us away from it, and the guidance within never ceases to guide us back to our true, loving nature. Nothing else will ever do.

I despised this man a few moments earlier deeply.
Isn't it surprising how we have this burning desire to bring change about and yet we so often find ourselves giving our entire attention to that which we wish to diminish?
And despite hating him just a moment earlier, my heart filled, so naturally and effortlessly with love I could barely contain myself. He completely exited my awareness. Love towards her took his place entirely. Love toward the moment she is building up to through these experiences in order to make the necessary changes in her own life. Love and hopefulness, clear and distinguishable energy of freedom, that is about to emerge through these unwanted experiences in her life. The more intense the contrast in life, the stronger the desire for and the call toward that which is wanted.

If we are indeed co-creating the world through our emotions (and we are), then we must choose them wisely. And thankfully there will always be situations that will help us redirect our focus, and will guide us towards the crossroad of essentially two choices. We can focus on what we don't want and build a shrine for it through hatred, guilt, fear and all the likes of such feelings, or we can choose to keep that which we want to see in the world in our undivided attention and unconditional love.

And as much as we all like walking down that latter road, we at times still hastily start out by rushing down the first one. Yet I am ever so grateful to have shaking hands and a trembling heart to oh so obviously show me that I am going in the wrong direction. We all have an inner guidance, a pull, that no matter how far we wander off in the opposing direction, it will eventually turn us back towards the "sun".

Monday, June 27, 2016

the choices we make

There comes a moment when nothing else matters, nothing makes any sense at all, except surrendering to love. And love alone.
We search wide and narrow, our hearts never stop looking for that which is new, that which is unknown and our curiosity is never to be tamed. Change is so easy to embrace once we realize that it is our natural state and nothing ever stays the same, except that which we are. And if that coincides with other people's core essence, then we get to stay in each other's present moment. If not, our journey together served its purpose and ends in order to leave way for the new to come in. So why would you ever force anything onto yourself? Be that any kind of belief, religious or political, dogmatic or fundamental. There is resistance in all of that.
Whenever I'm asked to take sides, I walk away...

I refuse to argue for the limitation of the party I am supposed to represent.
How could I claim to be anything? And say I hold the truth now and that truth will stay the same forever more. Do you honestly believe it really will?

Does it matter what you are, a democrat, a Muslim, a communist, a catholic, a Jew, a ....?
Does it make any difference at all, dear soul? Aren't we all living for the same purpose, except we walk on different journeys on our way there...

So whatever journey you find yourself on, make sure love is the only emotion you feel. Because there is a little truth in everyone's opinion; and there's much resistance for them to overcome, so be gentle. Look for the good in others to find the greatness in the deepest of your heart and let go of your labels. A life without any dots or stars is just a matter of choice, you see. ツ

Saturday, June 25, 2016

summer breeze

Just like a fresh cool summer breeze, these porcelain pieces in their subtle feminine graceful lines turn the simplest of outfits into glam. Find available designs in the shop right "meow".

Thursday, June 23, 2016

summer sunshine

Truth be told, I'd love to live in a house with a beautiful garden, tall trees, bushes and wonderful greens to keep me cool in these suffocatingly hot and humid days. But I do not currently live in such an environment.
On most nights I come home from a kiln heated studio to step outside and breath in the urban warmth  and enjoy a cold drink on the balcony of my current apartment. And on most nights I sit in awe about how blessed I am to be able to experience it all and live the kind of life I choose to lead.

And as I sit and allow the warm wind to run and play around my curls in the darkest night, I sit and observe all that is, and I feel all that is about to become, I can't help but appreciate the love toward the kind of life I live every day, the ease I move through my days, the certainty I experience in my most random moments and the answers I receive from the most unexpected encounters.

Life is so easy to be loved, when gratitude becomes a conscious act. Giving grace... it is so easy. And yet we often forget it.

Imagine if I told my story from a different angle. Imagine me telling you what it feels like to work in a studio of 3 active kilns, painting gold luster at a temperature of 36 degrees Celcius all day long, being suffocated not only by the heat but the thick smell of turpentine, acetone and and other smelly solutions, having sweat drip literally from my underwear, then coming home late in the evening to a west-facing apartment within a busy and polluted city, having no fresh air to breath, no cool breeze to temper the heat in my body...

How different it is from the vision I personally call reality... Yet it is the very same life. The very same story. Both are.
My version of the story is, that I live my dream, each and every day, doing what makes my heart smile, creating jewelry that make women feel happy and dishes that make people smile. I work among tiny saved creatures, offering them a better life, while they save me in return each and every single day, over and over again; taking nice long, cleansing walks on the hill above my (our)studio, taking time to fill our souls to the brim with positivity and freedom. Knowing that I am able to return to a beautiful home that satisfies my needs, tends to what I require, shelters me, spoils me and offers me a vivid, yet peaceful life in one of the most enjoyed parts of our city.

Each day we wake up, we have the freedom of choice. And we're so free we can choose limits and literal boundaries. I choose freedom. And love. And a life filled with gratitude as the evening breeze caresses my skin and the few stars that are visible in the urban night shine down on me... Oh life, we've been so blessed to live whichever life we chose. And the amazing in all of it is, we can always come to new agreements, make new choices and adjust it all according to  whatever it is we desire to see and experience in the world around us.

Isn't it amazing that our choices define our present moment; and we have the power to alter it with the thoughts we think each and every single day?

Monday, June 20, 2016

gratitude under the full moon

28 years ago, on a Monday, just like today...
My vast curiosity has led me to live much life over these years and I am so grateful for those who have chosen me to walk alongside on my journey, to travel the hills and valleys of life, to cry and laugh with me, to sit silently or embark on amazing adventures, to grow and to teach. I am grateful for the pages I got to read from and write in the imaginary book of the univers, for the stories I got to be a part of, for the roads I got to travel, for the smiles I got to keep in my heart, for the skies I got to admire, for the love I got to experience, and for the lessons I was able to learn from.
All that I lived led me to who I am today and I am ever so grateful for having been born with a investigative nature, an unusual spirit that understands that the ebb and flow serves its purpose well, a spirit that loves the challenges it faces, because it knows how important they are to its growth, a spirit which always seeks clarity and presence, and most of all a spirit which dares to live true to itself, always choosing freedom to paint new canvases, a spirit that is able to let go of that which no longer serves its expansion and in the same time is truly open to everything that is to come.

On days like these I take much delight in clearing my thoughts and letting the light into my heart.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Birthday Weekend Discount

I am about to pack my stuff up and leave for the weekend, friends. Sometimes a bit of different smelling air and a change of scenery is all I ever need to recharge. Not to mention good company.
So emails will not be answered, orders will not be packed because I am turning a year wiser on Monday and decided this is a well deserved weekend off, as in: why celebrate for one day, when I can do it over the course of several days, right?

Sooo I am happy to offer you an awesome coupon code during my absence, so if you've been postponing placing an order, wait no more, just enter BDAYFUN15 at checkout for 15% off your order. All orders placed 17-20th will be shipped out on the 21st (unless it is a made to order item), so there is really nothing to worry about, you will still receive your pieces without much delay.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

my daily life and the small miracles

I had an unexpected, amazing conversation with someone I met a couple of years ago, and have not seen since. We have just been introduced then, and I would have probably hardy ever recognized him, if he didn't recognize me. And in the unfolding of this conversation mainly about work, clay and all that which is related to it, when asked about how I price my work and what were the percentages the different sites (such as Etsy or Paypal) take as commission for the service they offer, and I had no idea what to answer, in that very moment of unknowing, this burst of gratitude took hold of my heart, because it was the moment I was yet again shone light upon the fact that everything I do and live in my life is simply an act of love. The fact that I make a living out of that is merely a gift and not a necessity to keep on going with what I do.

Oh and what a wonderful world this is, friends! Our choices define it all. All that we experience is based on the thoughts we choose to think. And thus, what better way to bring about change than to alter our focus.

This is why you will always be able to read my words for what they truly are. This is why you will read about that which I love, that which I celebrate, that which brings me joy. How would I ever be able to bring joy to those around me if I did not dwell in such an emotion most of the time in my own heart? How could I ever bring any form of relief and even comfort to you if I stood in a place of observation of what is and not of what could be? Words are so fickle. Life lived, and all those wonderful experiences that we take delight in or sometimes overcome are those which will ever bring any kind of redundancy, any kind of surplus in meaning to resonate with, to really truly understand what these words reflect.

I am ever so grateful for being able to stand in such a place and do just that. Now. And now. And now.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

just like the butterflies

What I continuously learn over and over again is how perfectly built beliefs and convictions can slowly come into ruins, and how amazing it feels when out of that old belief system, out of that old pattern of thinking a new one is born, better said the old transforms, evolves, is lifted into something I have never imagined possible. And I marvel at how, with the passing of time, the transformation feels less and less painful. In fact it is rather uplifting, mind-blowing even! And I cannot help but celebrate all that which was part of my life experience, -both sides of the emotional scale- because it led me to that which I have become.

Isn't it interesting the we are so free, that often we choose to be pinned down. We are so free, we can choose whatever we wish in life. And often we willingly choose boundaries. Does it feel good? Of course not. But we are so resistant to the natural flow of our soul's wanderings that we hold on to it and push through the tough parts, when all these awakenings are merely guidance from the voice within to move with the flow of our own individual path. Those around often feel like they are meant to guide us back to the path that seems good to them, and by all means I believe in their honest intentions. While that path may be the very perfect one for them, we may no longer feel the same way in the bottom of our hearts. We are never ever the same person we were yesterday. And what better way to decide upon the path to choose, but to inspect how it feels, what kind of feelings it strikes in our souls? The voice within already knows all the answers, and it is patiently waiting for us to line up with it, continuously guiding us along the way, yet sometimes we cannot hear through the sound-proof walls we have built along the way.

I have not been physically traveling a lot lately, but the journey I took within this time has been (and continues to become) so exciting and so powerful that I often have to close my eyes to be able to catch my breath. There is so much yet to discover and I rest in eager anticipation of all that is to come.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hello June

May has been one helluva month both in and out of the studio, filled with just enough sunshine to cover these first moody days of June in warm light, at least within. And as the rain hits the windowsill in a very consistent, subtle rhythm, I joyfully munch on some homemade vanilla ice cream topped with freshly made strawberry jam and gather my strength for a long day of glazing new bisqueware. Not too shabby...

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


And there are moments, when I come across words in unexpected places, that reflect my whole universe in this exact space and time. And my soul turns into a smile...