Monday, June 20, 2016

gratitude under the full moon

28 years ago, on a Monday, just like today...
My vast curiosity has led me to live much life over these years and I am so grateful for those who have chosen me to walk alongside on my journey, to travel the hills and valleys of life, to cry and laugh with me, to sit silently or embark on amazing adventures, to grow and to teach. I am grateful for the pages I got to read from and write in the imaginary book of the univers, for the stories I got to be a part of, for the roads I got to travel, for the smiles I got to keep in my heart, for the skies I got to admire, for the love I got to experience, and for the lessons I was able to learn from.
All that I lived led me to who I am today and I am ever so grateful for having been born with a investigative nature, an unusual spirit that understands that the ebb and flow serves its purpose well, a spirit that loves the challenges it faces, because it knows how important they are to its growth, a spirit which always seeks clarity and presence, and most of all a spirit which dares to live true to itself, always choosing freedom to paint new canvases, a spirit that is able to let go of that which no longer serves its expansion and in the same time is truly open to everything that is to come.

On days like these I take much delight in clearing my thoughts and letting the light into my heart.

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