Wednesday, June 8, 2016

just like the butterflies

What I continuously learn over and over again is how perfectly built beliefs and convictions can slowly come into ruins, and how amazing it feels when out of that old belief system, out of that old pattern of thinking a new one is born, better said the old transforms, evolves, is lifted into something I have never imagined possible. And I marvel at how, with the passing of time, the transformation feels less and less painful. In fact it is rather uplifting, mind-blowing even! And I cannot help but celebrate all that which was part of my life experience, -both sides of the emotional scale- because it led me to that which I have become.

Isn't it interesting the we are so free, that often we choose to be pinned down. We are so free, we can choose whatever we wish in life. And often we willingly choose boundaries. Does it feel good? Of course not. But we are so resistant to the natural flow of our soul's wanderings that we hold on to it and push through the tough parts, when all these awakenings are merely guidance from the voice within to move with the flow of our own individual path. Those around often feel like they are meant to guide us back to the path that seems good to them, and by all means I believe in their honest intentions. While that path may be the very perfect one for them, we may no longer feel the same way in the bottom of our hearts. We are never ever the same person we were yesterday. And what better way to decide upon the path to choose, but to inspect how it feels, what kind of feelings it strikes in our souls? The voice within already knows all the answers, and it is patiently waiting for us to line up with it, continuously guiding us along the way, yet sometimes we cannot hear through the sound-proof walls we have built along the way.

I have not been physically traveling a lot lately, but the journey I took within this time has been (and continues to become) so exciting and so powerful that I often have to close my eyes to be able to catch my breath. There is so much yet to discover and I rest in eager anticipation of all that is to come.

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